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MassageThe Benefits of Prenatal Massage During Pregnancy
benefits of prenatal massage

The Benefits of Prenatal Massage During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can have the occasional discomfort or pain here and there. You’re carrying your precious little bundle of joy and that’s not always easy! As the later months crawl forward, the aches and pressures can be quite bothersome when this is a time to cherish every kick and movement. There’s no need to feel frustrated or uncomfortable during your pregnancy. That’s why you should know the benefits of a prenatal massage and how they can have such wonderful results for the mommy-to-be!


Some women have a common misconception of receiving a massage while pregnant. Prenatal massages are specifically designed and delivered to the fetus and body changes occurring during the trimesters. While you create and develop life inside of you, prenatal massages can have terrific benefits to your overall health and wellness during this exciting and beautiful time. Some of these benefits are as such:

·        Reduce stress: a massage is a relaxing and tranquil period with different pressure points handled to reduce any stress that has built up. It also can lower your blood pressure, encouraging more stress to be released.

·        Relieve backaches: carrying a foreign weight for nine months can do a number on your back. Prenatal massage works to remove the aches, pressures, and tension in your back for more mobility and less pain while on your feet.

·        Relieve headaches: the stress, weight, and overall extra steam and energy your body is exerting to develop your baby can cause very unpleasant headaches. Even just removing caffeine from your normal routine can usher in headaches that leave you down for the count. Prenatal massage can drastically help relieve them and the internal causes of headaches.

·        Relieve leg cramps: the extra weight of the baby and the difficulty in staying on your feet towards the end of your pregnancy can be a real pain in your legs. Cramps in your calves, feet, or thighs can occur and the massage can absolutely help to bring you relief from them and keep the tension from returning with regular prenatal massages. Happy body = happy baby and mama!

·        Reduce edema (swelling): with so much development and inward, not to mention, outward changes occurring during pregnancy, edema is one of the biggest issues women face. Swelling is common, but some types of swelling can lead to complications and this should definitely be avoided. Prenatal massages help blood and lymph circulation, which can reduce swelling throughout the body.

Cushions and sideline positioning of the body during the parental massage is standard and bring you comfort during the session as well. The benefits of a parental massage are terrific and can bring some much-needed relief to the mom-to-be. You should be able to enjoy your pregnancy, not suffer from unnecessary back pain, abdominal pain, swelling, or other discomforts. This is the time to relish and prepare for your new baby!


At our local spa, Botanica offers a lovely and serene prenatal massage. Our spa is set up to service beautiful mamas and mommy’s to be for the ultimate relaxation experience. The professional massage therapists at Botanica Day Spa are ready to give you a calming and soothing atmosphere and service so that when you leave, you will feel like a queen. Prenatal massages can be done from the second trimester up to the day of the delivery, so you may feel comfortable and pain-free during this incredible journey.

Call us or book your massage appointment online and visit Botanica for the best relief and serenity available to you from the benefits of prenatal massage! As a mommy myself, I know the ups and downs of pregnancy and want to offer you the chance to relax before your precious bundle arrives!



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