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FacialWhy Botanica’s Rose Quartz Facial Is Everything You Need & Want
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Why Botanica’s Rose Quartz Facial Is Everything You Need & Want

Let’s face it, 2020 has been a ROUGH year so far. I don’t know about you, but my stress levels are constantly overwhelming and I feel like I’ve aged 10 years in just the span of 6 months because of it. If you’re like me trying to juggle running a business and being a hands-on mom, there are times where a reset button would be so nice! However, while tackling the endless stream of hoops and barriers, I’m very lucky that I run a spa.

I have first hand experience and knowledge on the best ways to reduce stress and have a fabulous team that are like my family to back me up. I really wanted to create something at the spa where it’s everyone’s ultimate paradise, the perfect escape from stress, worry, anxiety, all things negative. We are always vamping up our services and learning new techniques or better treatments for our client’s and their main concerns for their face, body, health – you name it.

Therefore, this article is all about one of my absolute favorite facials that we offer and how we’ve upgraded it even more so you can find a sliver of peace among the pandemonium of the world’s issues today. This is our dreamy Rose Quartz Facial I’m talking about!

If you love pink, crystals, and glowing skin, then you need to know about this facial.

The Benefits of Rose Quartz

First things first, rose quartz has long been used in beauty for its believed healing of self, love, relationships, as well as bringing peace to the user. We all should practice more self-love in such stressful times so this crystal is idyllic. This idea stemmed the entire process for our rose quartz facial! You come to the spa to have quiet reflection and tranquility, after all.

The other majorly incredible benefits of rose quartz are what it can do for our skin when used during a facial! We’re talking assisting with lymphatic drainage, brightening dark circles, calming redness and irritation, as well as increasing blood flow which helps reduce puffiness. Plus, it can smooth out those stress wrinkles, improve skin elasticity and allow your serums and creams to penetrate deeper and be more effective!

Rose quartz rollers are all the rage for home use and for good reason, which is also how we have elevated using rose quartz for this specific facial at Botanica (and I can’t gush enough about how amazing it is!). These aspects for our skin are paving the way to toned, brighter, more glowing than ever and we are completely on board with it!

The 411 on Our Rose Quartz Facial

Now to let you in on just what we do for our Rose Quartz Facial:

We start off with an energy release. That simply means our professional aesthetician will do some simple stretches on you to relax the whole body, allowing better blood flow everywhere. (You can’t get glowing skin if you’re holding tension!)

We begin the facial with an aromatherapy inhale. Quieting the mind, filling your body with the benefits of aromatherapy, and setting the tranquil atmosphere with more bliss to come. Next, we cleanse, tone, and examine the skin so we know what products to use specifically to your trouble areas and skin type. After that we apply rose hips oil to perform a targeted lifting and toning massage that is heaven. Following that, we steam the face and include a special enzyme that helps digest dead skin and oils in your pores, perform extractions, and do high frequency (ozone therapy). We finish the cleansing with microdermabrasion or dermaplaning (the aesthetician will choose what is best for you and your skin.)

We then infuse a serum (ideal for your skin type) with oxygen. What this does is calm, hydrate, and get the skin glowing. Lastly, we apply a cooled hand-made rose quartz mask just like in the image for this article! Not only is it a beautiful, intricate piece, but all of the amazing benefits of rose quartz are now ready to help your fresh skin by boosting it up to a whole new level!

The rose quartz mask helps seal in the serum, calm the skin, and stimulate lymph drainage for a brighter, toned complexion that will make you just as addicted as we are at Botanica for this facial. It’s honestly the best facial for stressed-out skin and the entire experience will also allow your mind and whole body reprieve during a very stressful year.

At Botanica Day Spa, we want to offer our clients a place to relax, unwind, and come out feeling invigorated, stronger, calmer, and more confident! Call us at 727-441-1711 to book your Rose Quartz Facial and get ready for your favorite new sliver of heaven.




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