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FacialGuide to Your Skin’s Aging Process
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Guide to Your Skin’s Aging Process

Aging is something that many of us don’t like thinking about; no one wants to picture how their radiant, porcelain complexion will one day be the canvas for wrinkles, dark spots, and sagging skin.  There are many factors that influence how your skin ages, including environmental factors, genetic makeup, sun exposure, and nutrition.  

Maintaining Your Skin’s Youthfulness

In your 30’s, the skin begins to thin and appears less plump.  Fine lines begin to develop around the delicate eye area.  If you weren’t using a daily SPF in your 20’s, you should definitely start applying one now to help maintain and extend the youthfulness of your skin.  If you feel like your skin’s appearing dull or feels dry, try Botanica’s Signature Facial.  The deep cleansing of the facial, followed by a skin-toning microcurrent, will renew and revitalize skin that may look or feel tired.

Combatting the Sag

As we enter our 40’s, tiny lines will begin to appear on the forehead area and deep crow’s feet start to set in.  The early stages of sagging may be sneaking up on you as well.  Connective tissue in the skin changes, which causes the skin’s strength and elasticity to be decreased.  To help rebuild and promote the production of Elastin, schedule a series of Collagen Induction Therapy Facials.  During this specialty facial, both collagen and elastin are stimulated by triggering the skin’s own repair system with the use of a microneedling pen. 

Keep Glowing in Your Golden Years

Once we reach our 50’s and 60’s, wrinkles and forehead furrows deepen and smile lines increase.  After menopause, women’s skin gradually produces less oil, making it difficult to keep skin moist.  This results in dryness and itchiness.  Skin tone appears rougher and blotchiness becomes worse because the skin is lacking hydration.  You need a facial that will pack a real punch against aging! Botanica’s Stem Cell Facial visibly reduces wrinkle depth and the appearance of fine lines using Comfrey and Argan to repair the skin.  The surface of the skin will smoothen and look supple again.

Using skincare products that contain quality, natural ingredients early on in your life will help maintain, restore, and revive the youthfulness of your skin regardless of your age.  It’s never too late to start an effective skincare regime.  I recommend the Pevonia line of skincare products; for over 20 years, Pevonia has provided natural solutions to our most troubling skin issues.  Talk to one of Botanica’s skin experts today, and get your face on track to be radiant at any age.  



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