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Top 5 Moisturizer Mistakes to Avoid

Our face needs protection, that’s a given. When it comes to moisturizers, a lot of us tend to pick the wrong one for the wrong reasons. Not all moisturizers are created equal and this post is to go over what to avoid and why these things matter in the first place. These are the top five mistakes people make and how to correct them when it comes to their moisturizer:

  1. Not Using Enough Sunscreen on the Neck

I’ve seen so many people make this mistake, which is why it comes in at number one. Most people will apply an SPF moisturizer on their face and drag whatever is leftover down to their neck. Be sure to treat your neck with a full and separate application of sunscreen.

2. Compensating for Drying Acne Treatments with Heavy Creams 

Many acne-fighting products include ingredients that dry out the skin. I’ve seen many clients react to this by compensating with thick, heavy cream in an effort to bring comfort to the skin. The problem is, they’re giving their skin oil it doesn’t need and potentially causing more clogged pores. This isn’t doing them any favors when it comes to eliminating their acne. Instead, focus on finding a gentle routine that addresses acne without stripping the skin. Learn more about how to get rid of dry skin caused by harsh acne treatments here.

3. Waiting More Than 60 Seconds to Apply Moisturizer After Face Washing 

Once you’ve washed your face, you have a 60-second window before water starts to evaporate from your skin, causing dehydration. Try to apply your toner, serum (if you’re using one), and moisturizer quickly after washing your face to seal in hydration.

4. Picking a Moisturizer Because It Claims to Be Anti Aging 

Many young people want to get a head-start on anti-aging skincare, which is great. But it’s important to know that moisturizer is already anti-aging even if it doesn’t include fancy active ingredients like retinol. By supporting your skin’s natural barrier and protective functions, you’re setting yourself up for healthy aging. Many of the anti-aging ingredients commonly included in moisturizers are meant for more mature skin and are actually too active for young skin (which is still very metabolically active). This could end up doing more harm than good in the long run, so stick with a simple moisturizer that leaves your skin feeling healthy and moist. 

5. Using a Moisturizer Because It Worked for Someone Else

Just because a product worked for your friend doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you, even if you have similar skin types. 

I cannot emphasize the importance of moisturizer and why you should use the right one for your skin type. Moisturizer often gets overlooked because it seems like such a simple product, but finding the right one for your skin type is crucial to achieving your skin goals. If you ever have questions or need some extra TLC for your skin, call Botanica Day Spa today and book a professional, luxurious facial with one of our professional estheticians at 727-441-1711!



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