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Botanica Beauty Class: The Makeup Lessons You’ve Always Wanted

Fantastic makeup application is definitely an art form and one that many women seek to achieve. Whether one prefers a very minimalistic, natural look or a more thorough and impactful statement, there are most definitely some basic makeup techniques that one must learn and apply. These techniques can grow and change with the seasons and with your evolving style, while always accentuating your best features and complementing your natural skin tone. But what if you’ve never learned how to do amazing makeup?

Makeup Tips

Botanica’s makeup lessons are designed to teach you proper makeup techniques that suit your needs, desires, style, features, and skin tone perfectly. Each lesson begins with a thorough consultation in order to learn about your skincare routine and determine what expectations you have as regards your makeup. This can be a rather illuminating conversation, as it may be that you have long had unrealistic expectations when considering your skin type, and have therefore been frustrated by your inability to reach your makeup goals. Speaking with a professional beauty consultant can help you to understand what is realistic so that you can achieve makeup goals you are happy with without compromising your skin’s natural health and beauty. You may also learn more about your specific skin type and its needs, and how improving your basic skincare regimen–including through the use of better-suited skincare products–can further enhance your natural beauty and provide an even better canvas for makeup application.

Following the consultation, your professional beauty consultant will take a look at the current makeup items you are using. They will discuss with you what items may help you achieve your desired look and what items may actually be impairing your ability to reach your makeup goals. As the simplest starting point is learning how to create a classy, sophisticated, everyday look, your makeup products will be primarily viewed from this angle. After all, you will likely desire an easy daily makeup regimen that can be completed in roughly ten to fifteen minutes and can contribute to a beautiful, flawless look that lasts all day long. Once your professional consultant has determined both the best products and technique to give you the makeup results you desire, they will walk you through the application process carefully, step-by-step, explaining what is occurring and answering any questions you may have. They will instruct you in how to pick out the correct concealer and foundation shades, which tones compliment your skin tone best, different techniques that can help to bring out your natural features and how to create a wonderful, natural look. After you have learned how to create your simple daily look, your professional consultant will help instruct you in how to take this look up a notch for fancier occasions, like a night out on the town.

We understand that watching a professional apply makeup to your face is quite different from applying your own makeup at home, and it can be overwhelming to consider the things you will have to remember in order to recreate the same desirable look. Of course, any time you feel concerned or confused or perhaps just have a quick question, you are free to call and speak with your professional consultant to get further help as needed. You are also encouraged to return for further lessons as needed or desired, in order to further refine your look or perhaps even give it a fresh twist whenever the seasons or your style and desires change.

Makeup lessons can also be beneficial in helping one to scale down a makeup collection that is large and overwhelming. Considering that you have likely acquired each product in your collection for a very specific reason and purpose, you may find it difficult to determine what should be kept and what should be discarded. A professional consultant can help immensely by determining which products are actually useful, and which products may actually be pointless or even detrimental to your look.

Whatever your makeup lessons cover, you are sure to leave the salon feeling satisfied, as you will know exactly how to best achieve the beautiful look you most desire.



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