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EyeBeauty Tips for Your Next Job Interview
woman ready for a job interview

Beauty Tips for Your Next Job Interview

With the state of today’s job market, it can be difficult to find the kind of job opportunity that we want, let alone even land an interview.  Once you’re finally contacted for an interview, you already feel prepared to dazzle your potential new employer with your impressive résumé that you’ve spent hours perfecting and your suit is steamed and ready for action.  But wait!  One important aspect of the interview you may not have considered is your beauty routine.  Should you wear your hair up or down?  How much makeup should you be wearing?  To ensure that your overall look creates a good impression for your interviewer, here are some tips for keeping your look natural and classic.

Minimal Makeup

If you have a tendency to layer on the foundation and over-do your eyeliner, make sure you tone it down for the interview.  Or, if you’re someone who never wears makeup, consider applying some blush and a few swipes of mascara.  Keep your lip color neutral as well.  A proper balance of makeup shows that you care about your appearance, but that you won’t be coming into the office looking like you’re ready for a night out at the bar. 

Brighten Your Eyes

It would be amazing if we could all sleep like babies the night before an interview, but realistically, nerves could be keeping you up.  Don’t let a poor night’s sleep affect how you present yourself.  Faking bright, rested eyes is easy: soothe tired eyes with eye drops, add some concealer, and apply white eye shadow to the inner corners of your eyes.  Voilà!  Bright, glowing eyes ready for impactful eye contact. 

Neutral, Chic Nails

Clean, polished nails can be a good indication of someone’s hygiene.  Unkempt nails can show that you don’t care about your appearance, and therefore, give off the impression that your work ethic may also be lacking.  Gently file your nails and apply a clear coat of polish if you typically don’t wear nail polish.   

Hair Styles that Impress

Decided to wear your hair down for the interview?  Skip the voluminous beach waves and opt for a sleek blowout.  Smooth, straight hair will give you a more sophisticated and professional look.  Don’t have time for a blowout?  A high ponytail can be a major power accessory, but just make sure it’s not so high that you could be mistaken for a cheerleader. 

You already know that you have the skills and experience to wow your potential employer.  Now, with your sleek, professional look, you’ll be sure to leave a lasting impression that could send you on your way to a successful career.    



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