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Botanica Owner Quoted by Vital Proteins Winter Article

We all know that the colder seasons can just wreak havoc on our skin. All of our precise skin care regimen steps can go totally out the window once the temperature drops and moisture becomes our most coveted commodity. There is certainly a benefit of having a winter skin care routine in place and switching to it when the weather changes, instead of continuing the lighter summertime products we use.

For every skin type, there are specific ingredients and moisturizer textures to apply with the seasonal changes. Even oily skin types need to watch for overworking oil glands as winter sets in or is already in full swing, therefore prepping and maintaining skin care tips to keep our skin happy is something to really consider. From the guidance of several skin care and beauty experts, Vital Proteins published a very helpful blog in December 2019 on how to achieve your best winter skin, and we couldn’t be more on board with it!

The best part? Our very own Botanica Day Spa owner, Gen Obolensky, is quoted in it!

As many of us are aware of, Vital Proteins has seriously skyrocketed in the beauty industry, especially with their collagen-infused products that are like anti-aging magic in a bottle. As important as it is to take care of your skin with regular facials and a kick-ass skin care routine, it’s just as crucial to maintaining your internal wellness for it too. With 10 beauty tips offered under the wisdom of 6 experts, this article lays out the best ways to protect your skin during winter, both inside and out!

“Hot water can over-dry your skin and put extra stress on capillaries (fine blood vessels) in the face, leading to a ruddy complexion or broken capillaries,” Gen quotes, offering her decades-long aesthetician experience alongside the others in the article to ensure that your skin stays healthy and glowing all winter long!

There are so many options available to protect your skin these days. Be sure to check out the article and follow Botanica Day Spa for the best blogs about spa services, skin care, and wellness tips! We just celebrated our 25th anniversary of Botanica spa with a free mini-market and yoga event. You can book your spa appointment with us here or call at 727-441-1711 for more info from one of our amazing spa staff members!

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