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Eyebrows5 Biggest Mistakes You Might be Making in Your Daily Beauty Routine
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5 Biggest Mistakes You Might be Making in Your Daily Beauty Routine

Once we think we have perfected our morning beauty routine, chances are we don’t try to make any changes to it.  Why fix something that isn’t broken?  But if you’ve been using the same beauty regimen you’ve used since college, it’s pretty likely you might be making a few mistakes that are preventing you from getting the most out of your beauty products.  Here are some of the most common mistakes you might be making.

1. Over-cleansing

We often consider having oily skin as a bad thing, but the natural oils that your skin produces are essential for the health of your skin.  If your skin feels tight after cleansing, you’ve stripped your skin of those natural oils.  After gently cleansing the skin, apply a toner to correct the pH of your skin.  Follow up with a moisturizer with natural ingredients.  If you have sensitive skin, you should consider washing your face once a day at nighttime. 

2. Not Using Moisturizer

We’re all in a hurry to make it out of the house on time every morning, so we may have a tendency to rush through our beauty routine.  Not using moisturizing before applying your foundation is a major beauty mistake.  It’s one of the best things you can do to help keep your skin youthful looking.     

3. Using Fragrant Lotions

Lotions with “fragrance” can be harmful to skin anywhere on your body, but especially on the sensitive skin of your face.  “Fragrance” is the #1 allergen in cosmetics and skincare.  Opt for lotions that are free of “fragrance”, sulfate, and paraben that tend to be less irritating to the face.  If you still want to add a little scent to help you smell fresh and clean all day, I recommend using essential oils or other natural sources.

4. Wearing Waterproof Mascara Every Day

Waterproof mascara is great because it stays in place all day, but it’s a lot harder to remove than regular mascara.  The process of removing it and applying it can take a harsh toll on your natural lashes.  If you want fuller, longer lashes that last, try our lash extensions.  You’ll never have to worry about clumpy, caked-on lashes again!

5. Tweezing Your Eyebrows Too Close to a Mirror 

Sometimes we become so focused on every little eyebrow hair that we lose track of the overall shape of the brow.  Concentrating on each hair can lead to thin or uneven brows.  If you’re unsure of how to properly shape your brows, come in to Botanica for a total brow makeover.  One of our experts will tint and shape your brows to help highlight the features of your face.

Change can be a good thing, especially if only a small change can make a big impact on your health and beauty!



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