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What Does Caviar Extract Do For Your Skin?

When you think of caviar, it’s certainly not in reference to skin care or a type of facial as the first thing you acquaint it with. However, dating back to ancient dynasty eras, caviar has been the Holy Grail in skin care routines for ultimate goals in anti-aging and wrinkle fighting. While caviar has always been associated with the wealthy (champagne wishes and caviar dreams!), this facial ingredient type offered at Botanica Day Spa is not just for those with a thick pocketbook!

Keep reading to learn about what caviar extract can do to transform your skin…


Caviar extract – no, it’s definitely not where fish eggs are placed on your skin, don’t worry – has immense and rich anti-aging benefits. The extract is collected from the nutrient-rich atmosphere that surrounds the egg. This extract is brimming with vitamins and amino acids like fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6, which we all know by now amino acids are the building blocks of protein and cellular function in our skin. Also boasting antioxidant properties, this can protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays, which are known to damage the skin and accelerate rapid skin aging. Caviar extract has also been studied, tried and tested with the following results:

·        Firms and lifts the skin over time with continual use

·        Minimizes the appearance of pores

·        Retexturizes the skin

·        Helps repair skin elasticity

There are plenty of high-end skincare lines that promote having caviar in their ingredients, but not everyone can afford to dish out several hundred dollars on a jar of face cream. However, with the growing scientific research on caviar extract in skincare and the massive wave of demand for youth-boosting skin products, low and behold are brands or spa services now offering the coveted caviar extract!


At Botanica Day Spa in Clearwater, FL, anyone can receive the luxurious caviar facial. At our spa, this facial service uses pure caviar extract, pearl extract, and a blend of Phyto extracts for a paradise of divine skincare ingredients to bathe your skin. What is Phyto extracts though? They are plant-derived extracts indigenous to South Asia and Africa that are akin to a natural, topical alternative to Botox! These extracts pack a wild punch against wrinkles and if used regularly, can smooth skin and redefine signs of aging like magic.

These three powerhouse ingredients are used in synergy to give you fantastically glowing, youthful skin while helping to reverse the clock! We all must age, but who said we have to have our skin match or age? Botanica’s caviar facial increases skin oxygenation and suppleness, both of which work part in parcel to cellular regeneration and collagen production.

This 55-minute facial of pure luxury, which you can add dermaplaning (dermaplaning is offered with most facials at Botanica to remove the peach fuzz hairs on the face to allow skin care products to absorb and penetrate deeper into the layers of skin for improved benefits!), it’s also rich in minerals from the marine-based extracts. Minerals are an important component of healthy skin, both inside and out. We at Botanica use the best and most beneficial skincare products for our facials, made with plant-based ingredients for the highest of results.

Call Botanica today or make an appointment online for your next facial and enjoy the blissful extravagance of saying you received a caviar facial! It’s okay to be the main topic of discussion amongst your friends or colleagues for something that brings you top-notch results from taking care of your skin. There’s plenty to feel rewarded from when people ask or compliment you on your radiant, wrinkleless skin – and you get the greatest satisfaction from your spa service that it will certainly become your new favorite facial at Botanica!



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