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Eye Lashes

What To Do With Your Lashes

Lashes are something that identifies a woman as feminine. When you look at cartoons often this is the attribute that signifies – girl.  The longer, thicker and more full the lash, the more beautiful and young she appears. For that reason, it is important to a lot of us to enhance our eye and lash area. Here are a few things to know about lash enhancement…

– I believe that 75% of woman wear mascara. There isn’t much out there we don’t already know about mascara – replace it regularly, wash it off every night and don’t share your mascara. Other than that it is personal preference as to what you like about your mascara. Do you like them thickened, lengthened, or individuated? Brown, black, blue….

Lash Tinting Lash TintI am always surprised at how many people have never heard of this. This is a very easy, fast, inexpensive and low maintenance way to enhance your lashes. Simply, a vegetable based dye is applied to your lashes for up to 10 minutes, it’s removed and voila your lashes are jet black. It doesn’t wash off at all, but as the natural cycle of lash shedding continues and new growth emerges you’ll want to update your tint about every 6 weeks or so.



Lash Perming Lash PermA little sticky “curling rod” is put near the base of the lashes and your lashes are then curled around it. A solution is then applied putting a semi-permanent curl in your lash.


Lash Extensions – there are a few different versions. Here’s the scoop:

“Falsies” are those strips of lashes you see at the drug store. They are fast and easy to put on. What is important to remember is that you actually cut them to fit your eye. This is the difference between looking fake and lousy to beautifully made-up. These, you remove before bed. You find these at the drug store or at the mac counter

“Flares” are the little clusters of lashes applied above the base of the lash. They come in a variety of sizes so that you can customize them by putting long ones on the ends of the lash and tapering them to a small size on the inside corner or you can just put a few on the ends. You can have these applied at a salon or spa or you can do it yourself.

before afterIndividual Lashes  These are what people refer to as semi-permanent lashes and is only done by professionals. An individual lash is separated and an extension lash is glued on. The process takes up to 2 hours. Fills are required to maintain the look. Fills are basically done to replace the lashes that shed. The end result is long, full beautiful lashes that you have day and night.

Lash Stimulators
Latisse, Revitalash, Rapid Lash, these are a few of the products out there that help grow your lashes. While all of them have their difference in what’s inside, what they have in common are ingredient that stimulate lash growth. Revitalash has proteins and prostaglandin (a stimulant) that helps the lash in the beginning/birth stage of lash growth (don’t worry, it’s a regulated stimulant and has no side effects). While others do have side effects like Latisse, as it has an unregulated stimulant that can darken the skin and eye.

Hope that helps.



Owner, Botanica Day

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