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FacialDry Skin? Sun Damaged? The Hydra Dew Facial at Botanica is Your End Game
dry skin facial

Dry Skin? Sun Damaged? The Hydra Dew Facial at Botanica is Your End Game

There can be nothing more frustrating than having dry, flaking skin. Even if you drink plenty of water, your skin never seems to catch up? Hydrating internally only does so much – hydrating it from the outside is just as important. If you’ve been searching and searching for the right treatment to help your dry, damaged skin, then let it end with the Hydra Dew Facial at Botanica Day Spa!

Dry to Dewy Skin 101

Your skin goes through a lot on a day to day basis without you noticing until it’s too late. What can you do at home to help bring your parched skin some relief? The cells that make up the layers of your skin can become dry and start dying off, weakening the collagen, hydration, and protective barrier that your skin has. Staying hydrated with fluids is always a must, but there are other things you can do outwardly with your skincare to help.

Some of these skincare ideas are:

  • Choose an ultra-hydrating moisturizer for day and night meant for dry skin types. This will help fight and nourish your skin throughout the day and while you sleep to begin reversing the damage.
  • Get a hyaluronic acid serum. This acid is produced naturally by the body, but dry skin is lacking it so putting it back into the skin will help build back up the skin’s barrier and hydrate to plump it.
  • Face masks, face masks, face masks. These are a dry skin types best friend. Whether it’s a sheet mask or cream mask lathered on, any of the hydrating ones will give your skin that extra boost it needs to start repairing itself from the dryness.
  • Make sure your skin care regimen is in place, specific to your skin type and skin problems, and you stick to it both morning and evening. It makes all the difference, especially when you use a good skincare line.

Dry skin is nothing to play around with. Dry skin can be the most damaging and speed forward the aging clock for your skin, making it wrinkle and lose firmness, elasticity, and uneven your skin tone. No one wants bad skin, let alone older looking skin no matter your age! The skin is the largest organ on the body and it’s your job to take care of it properly.

We all slip up now and again, but with dry skin types, it’s even more important to take the right steps to ensure it gets the hydration it needs. Also, dry skin can make it uncomfortable to wear makeup, as it will look caked on and dry out your skin further. Taking care of it at home with good skin care products is a must, but the true step is having a professional aesthetician lend that further helping hand!

Botanica’s Hydra Dew Facial

At Botanica Day Spa, our employees all know the significance of healthy, beautiful skin. Our aestheticians do an extraordinary job with facials for every skin type and skin concern. For dry skin types, the Hydra Dew Facial is exactly the right answer to your skin’s SOS. Dry skin is prone to pigmentation and sun spots, therefore this facial works on each problem.

High-quality products are combined with facial massage techniques to allow better absorption of the restoring and moisturizing properties. Not only is your skin on its way to healthiness and happiness, but you also get to experience the tranquility of Botanica’s delightful spa. Our aestheticians care deeply for each of our clients and does everything to help you and your skin.

The Hydra Dew Facial can be received monthly to give your skin that extra boost back into producing moisture and protecting itself from environmental stressors, like the sun. Perfect after those days at the beach too, the Hydra Dew Facial is the End Game to dry, damaged skin! Call Botanica Day Spa at 727-441-1711 today to book it and bathe in hydration once more!



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