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FacialHave You Tried LumaFirm? 3 Reasons to Book It For Your Next Facial
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Have You Tried LumaFirm? 3 Reasons to Book It For Your Next Facial

The main skin concern for most people is anti-aging. Sun, stress, dirt, debris, even makeup all pay a price on our skin. We all want young, beautiful, wrinkle-free skin! Luckily, at Botanica Day Spa, the Lumafirm anti-aging facial is here and you won’t believe your eyes until you try it for yourself!

Why an Anti-Aging Facial is Necessary

When you think back to your youth (whether that be 50, 20, or even 5 years ago), we all made errors and mistakes of forgetting sunscreen, not washing off our makeup after a full day of wearing it, forgetting to moisturize, and using subpar products. No one is perfect when it comes to maintaining your skin’s health and sticking to a firm skincare routine.

However, while everyone should be signing up and booking monthly facial appointments, not all of us have that luxury. Your skin should never be forgotten – it’s the largest organ of our body! – but it can also be the most costly. That’s why making it go right and doing your best to book that monthly facial should never be forgotten about (hey, maybe sell some old clothes you don’t have or have an adult bake sale!) and there are plenty of ways to find the time and money to get it.

When it comes to our skin, the biggest problem is fighting off those pesky fine lines and wrinkles. There are more brands and products boasting anti-aging benefits than we can keep track of, but knowing which ones are the right ones will make all the difference for your skin and the results you’re looking for! How do you know what to look out for? These are a few helpful suggestions:

·       Peptides, these are components of amino acids, the building blocks of collagen, the main property that keeps our skin youthful and wrinkle-free!

·       Ferments, like Black Tea, Algae, or Plant-based, these are excellent for clearing the skin and boosting radiance!

·       Retinol, otherwise known as Vitamin A, and a powerful wrinkle fighter!

·       Squalane, typically harvested from lives, although our bodies naturally produce this in a form called squalene, but over time stops making it all together and it’s an intense moisturizer that keeps our skin plump, dewy, and hydrated! (When our skin loses moisture, it’s easier for wrinkles to make their way to the surface.)

In choosing an anti-aging facial, your taking massive leaps and bounds to protect your skin and slowly reversing the damage that may already be there. Filling in wrinkles is not a quick process (unlike so many drugstore brand commercials say they do) and regularly giving your skin the attention it needs with a facial can make a significant change for the better to your skin!

Botanica Day Spa LumaFirm Facial

At Botanica Day Spa, Pevonia is our main and trusted skin care brand and for all the right reasons! With Pevonia’s LumaFirm line, this anti-aging facial has such drastic results our clients can hardly believe their eyes. In a clinical study, these were the percentages with using Lumafirm:

·       100% effective and well tolerated

·       49% lifting effect

·       39% reduced wrinkles

·       30% improved elasticity

·       25% improved texture

Botanica’s LumaFirm facial brings this anti-aging line into hyperdrive for the already fast-acting formula! Skin becomes firmer, tighter, and luminous all while you enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of the spa. Trying to deliver a big punch to aging factors for your skin can be trickier than allowing the professional aestheticians at Botanica Day Spa work LumaFirm magic on you.

Call us today at 727-441-1711 or book your appointment online to say goodbye to wrinkles, lackluster texture, and uneven tone, and hello to glowing, youthful skin! Botanica Day Spa will help safeguard your skin’s health with the LumaFirm Anti-Aging Facial!



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