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EyebrowsEyebrows – 5 Things That Make You Prettier
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Eyebrows – 5 Things That Make You Prettier

Let’s face it, we all have those days where we don’t look or feel as pretty as we usually do. Eyebrows can make a huge difference, I’ve got a few tricks for you…

#1 Get beautiful eyebrows by shaping them

If eyes are the windows to the soul, then eyebrows are the curtains that provide them with prominence. We actually depend on eyebrows to understand how someone is feeling and what they are communicating. For example lifted eyebrows can convey happiness or shock depending on the circumstance; and crumpled or furrowed eyebrows can convey anything between grief and confusion. If done wrong, your eyebrows can make you look like you have a permanently anxious expression. When done right, and shaped in accordance with the shape of your face, they can accentuate all the right features, and will give you a polished look. Michelle Phan, beauty guru, says on her blog, “Eyebrows are such an important feature and just a slight change in eyebrow shape can change your whole look. You can go from simple and sophisticated to sexy and glamorous with the arch of an eyebrow.” Eyebrow shaping can be done a number of ways, be it tweezing, threading, or waxing. However most people overlook the fact that filling in your eyebrows can do as much for you as waxing can! The editors of Allure magazine recently came out with a book entitled Confessions of a Beauty Editor; in it, they say that makeup artist Dick Page once told them that he had “never seen a model that didn’t need her eyebrows filled in”. Filling in your eyebrows can help bring out your features in the best light!
#2 Enhance your lashes
This can make a surprising difference! Whether it be by lash extensions, false eyelashes, or even mascara, most women feel sexier and prettier with longer, darker, luscious lashes. Longer and more curled lashes can give you a brighter or more aware look. Enhancing your lashes creates a brilliant contrast with your eye color, causing your eyes to really pop! Whether you decide to go with extensions, falsies, or mascara, you will find that just a little something on your lashes can give you a sexier look that really accentuates your eyes.
#3 Add some color to your skin
Adding some color to your skin can give you a livelier look. Almost everyone looks better with a little bit of color. It gives you a healthier, revived looking complexion. Simply brushing on a little bronzer can give you the glowy, sun-kissed look. Another option is spray tanning. Most people prefer spray tanning to actually tanning because you are not damaging your skin and you get to choose how dark you want to go. If you’re light enough like me, you just sunburn while tanning in the sun. Lastly, just brushing and blending in a bit of blush can give you that light, girly glow that can bring out your cheekbones. There’s a right shade of blush for every skin tone. By using spray tanning, bronzer, or blush, you will look prettier!
#4 Exfoliate!
This has a HUGE part in looking and feeling prettier. After having a long grueling day, a good exfoliation can make you feel brand new again. In essence, that is what you are doing when you are exfoliating; you are removing the dead and dying skin cells and allowing healthy, new skin cells to replace them on the surface. Exfoliation leaves your skin feeling fresh and smooth. It can solve a lot of problems you may be having with your skin, such as blemishes, dark spots, hyper-pigmentation, clogged pores, or dry skin. And it leaves your skin feeling cleaner. There are many ways you can exfoliate: using a Clarisonic, salt scrub, taking an exfoliating bath, etc. No matter what you’re using to exfoliate, make sure you do it as often as you need to, for your skin type. Women with oilier skin should exfoliate more then women with dry skin, the oily skin can make it hard for dead cells to leave. You should also be careful to not over do it. The goal of exfoliation is to get rid of the dead cells and make way for the healthy skin cells to shine on the surface.
# Remove unwanted hair
I would say this is the most important out of these five tips. Women have been struggling with excess hair for centuries. In ancient paintings, goddesses such as Venus, are depicted with hairless, silky skin. During the ancient Roman Empire, hair removal actually identified your class. Hairless women were seen as wealthier. These old ideas and traditions led to what we have today. Having hairless skin is seen as giving you a smooth, flawless look. Many women feel a boost of confidence after waxing, shaving, or threading. Another added bonus is you’ll sweat less!
Every woman has an innate beauty. Do these five things and look prettier, but most importantly: feel prettier!
Love, Gen


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