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WaxingMen’s Guide to Body Waxing

Men’s Guide to Body Waxing

Where once it may have been entirely unheard of, body waxing has recently become both more acceptable and more desirable for men. There may be a variety of reasons for why a man wishes to be free of body hair, including for cosmetic or comfort purposes, and the fact is that waxing is highly preferable to shaving. Not only is hair regrowth delayed after regular waxing, but it is softer and lighter than hair regrowth after shaving. However, waxing is also slightly more complicated than shaving–especially if one wishes to enjoy as pleasant an experience as possible.

Body Waxing Guide

When it comes to body waxing, there are two very basic choices: to perform the waxing yourself or see a professional. If you are brand new to the field of waxing, you may find it less stressful to begin by seeing a professional who will work to make the experience as comfortable as possible while delivering the absolute best results. You may later choose to perform some or all of your body waxing at home, or you may decide that you prefer sticking with the professionals, but at least your beginning experience will give you a starting point from which to decide.

Waxing is not usually a “fast” process, though it can normally be performed more quickly by professionals than on one’s own at home. Depending upon the area being waxed and the amount of hair in that area, it usually takes less than an hour to have it fully waxed. Hair must be at least a quarter inch in length in order for the wax to stick well, so it is important to not shave the area immediately before waxing. On the other hand, hair that is too long–like over three-quarters of an inch in length–can be incredibly painful to wax, so it too must be taken care of. You can either trim the hair or shave and wait for it to grow out to a quarter inch before having it waxed.

Prior to waxing, you should take a shower to clean and very gently exfoliate the skin of the areas you plan to wax, but since dry skin can allow the wax to stick better to the hairs you want removed, it’s important to not apply any moisturizer or oil to these areas just prior to waxing them. Obviously, since you are pulling hair out of the follicles in the opposite direction of their growth, the process of waxing can be uncomfortable or even painful. A professional will be better able to minimize the discomfort with their experience and technique, but you should still be prepared for some discomfort. Finally, you should always follow a waxing session with a light moisturizer or baby oil to hydrate the skin. If you are having your waxing performed by a professional, they will normally apply this for you.

In the case that you have chosen to perform your body waxing at home, you will obviously need to acquire a waxing kit. You will find that there are many different options available, from wax strips and roll-on wax to a variety of hot wax options. With cold waxing, as occurs with wax strips and roll-ons, the product is inexpensive, easy to use, creates little to no mess and is often believed to be less painful. However, it doesn’t always stick well to all of the hair in the area, which can mean repeated waxing over the same area and resultant irritation. With hot waxing, heat opens pores and hair follicles for easier hair removal, and it sticks very well even to short hair. However, it can be messy and take time to prepare and learn the correct waxing technique.

Some of the most common areas for body waxing for men include:

  • Chest–Men who are uncomfortable with the thickness of their chest hair may find that regular waxing helps to thin it out a bit. This area can be relatively easy to wax at home, as it’s easily accessible and there are no difficult nooks and crannies to work around. However, it is very important to avoid waxing over or directly beside the nipples, where the skin is very sensitive.
  • Back–This can be another area that men are uncomfortable having a large amount of thick hair on. It can also be relatively easy to wax at home, though it will obviously have to be performed by someone else besides the individual himself.
  • Legs–While this can be done for cosmetic reasons, as in those who desire to show off the toned muscles they work hard to build and maintain, it can also be done for other reasons–as in the case of cyclists. While the front and even the sides of the leg may be relatively easy to wax at home, the backs can be tricky and may require help.
  • Intimate areas–As is the case with a woman, intimate area waxing is normally done for personal reasons, and is best performed by a trained and experienced professional.

Over time, regular waxing can result in hair regrowth that is slower, finer, and lighter in color. This makes it a far more desirable option than regular shaving, even while it may take some time to get used to.



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