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FacialFacials: Why They are Still the Most Important Spa Service
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Facials: Why They are Still the Most Important Spa Service

Botanica Day Spa prides ourselves on the many selections of facials offered, as well as the skincare products used in them. A facial is one of the best spa services you can choose for your skin’s health. The benefits are plentiful and the results of them far outweigh any reservations about cost.

Why Facials

A lot of people are not actually aware of the benefits of receiving a facial regularly. Not only does it let your skin breathe and remove unwanted sebum, it cleanses the layers of your skin to promote healthy, clean skin.  Environmental stressors, UV rays from the sun, smog, dirt, bacteria, sweat buildup, the list could go on and all of it causes a block in your cellular function. If you have acne prone skin, facials are a wonderful choice to help reduce the dirt and oils sitting in your pores and promote less acne.

There are facials for boosting anti-aging properties in the skin and products used in the treatment. Microdermabrasion is also another popular choice for facials as it refines and reduces problematic areas on the face such as dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles, and acne scars, to name a few. Keeping your face clear of many varying issues that come from day to day living can help protect your skin while aiding in it restoring natural production of amino acids and cellular turnover.

Botanica Day Spa Facials

Facials should be a regular part of your skincare routine for many reasons. People need facials for different purposes and Botanica Day Spa offers a multitude of facials to accommodate everyone’s skin needs. Our most popular facial is the Botanica Signature facial, which is customized to your skin and includes dermaplaning or microdermabrasion. Not only that, we infuse a nourishing booster, use microcurrent, apply a custom face mask and end with a décolleté and hand treatment. All of that in just one facial treatment – go ahead and book it now!

There is also a Micro Current Facial Therapy option, that encourages the facial muscles to “exercise” and results in a more lifted and toned complexion. An Acne Clear Up Treatment which uses an aggressive peel treatment to help remove acne from the skin by killing the bacteria and drying out the blemishes. Dermaplaning is another treatment which uses a sterile scalpel to remove peach fuzz hair from the face and exfoliate the epidermis. This brightens the complex and helps skin care products absorb better into the skin.

We have Collagen Induction Therapy, an amazing anti-aging facial using micro needling to trigger the skin’s own repair system for better collagen and elastin productivity. There’s the Botanica Deep Cleansing Facial, an LED Facial, Microdermabrasion, a Stem Cell Facial and more! Any one of these facials, including a back facial, has highly beneficial results and will definitely improve the functionality and health of your skin!

Botanica Day Spa proudly uses skincare lines that are free of mineral oil, parabens, alcohol, lanolin, PABA, sodium lauryl sulfate, and artificial colors and dyes. These ingredients are found in too many skincare products, but we disapprove of them and have our favorite skincare used and sold through the spa! They are plant and marine-based skin care products, which we believe natural ingredients benefit facials and everyday use far more than any other type available.

Our facials are many and our estheticians are incredible at taking care of our clients, so they have beautiful, healthy skin that they want to show off! Come into Botanica Day Spa for a facial and see for yourself why they are so important and such a staple in spa services. We aim to help you improve your body any way we can when you leave the spa!



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