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Happy = Beautiful

Beauty emanates from within- a common saying, yet a truthful one. Happiness and positive energy have a strong influence on beauty. If you are stress free and full of life, everyone will know just by looking at you.

This idea is not a new one. James Allen- a British philosophical writer in the early 1900s wrote on this subject as well. In his piece As a Man Thinketh, he says, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so shall he be”. So if you feel happiness and beauty in your heart it shows through.

It’s easy to let problems and issues burden us. We can be caught up in the whirlwind of life. It can be hard to stay grounded and to remain positive. Yet if we take just a few minutes out of every day to realize that there is love and beauty in the world, and within us we could be much happier people.

Some people can easily relieve themselves of stress just by letting go. For others it can be more difficult.  Another great way to relieve stress is to take a day just for you.  You are important, you deserve to receive attention, and you deserve to be pampered. Going to the spa is one way you can relieve your stress and relax. Unknot the tension from your body with a soothing massage. Feel the pleasant freshness of your skin after an exfoliating facial. Polish your fingernails and toes for that feminine rush. Get a wax to remove unwanted hair for a smooth, flawless look. Feeling more beautiful is just a byproduct of relieving your tension and stress, and letting positive energy flow through. And remember when you look good, you feel good = happiness.

Every woman has innate beauty. Unlocking it by removing stress and letting positivity flow will let the happiness within shine through. Leaving the spa, you will feel a boost of confidence and that will definitely shine through.




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