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Skin CareGenetics and Aging: Is Your Mom to Blame For Your Wrinkles?
genetics and aging

Genetics and Aging: Is Your Mom to Blame For Your Wrinkles?

It can be incredibly frustrating to do everything you can in order to establish and maintain a youthful, radiant complexion, only to discover that you just can’t seem to prevent certain things–like wrinkles–from showing up.  This may lead us to believe that we are genetically predisposed to certain complexion issues, and there is truly nothing we can do about it.  Fortunately, this isn’t at all true.

The Truth Behind Aging

According to dermatologist Doris Day, only about ten percent of skin aging is genetic.  This is actually good news, because it means we have a lot of control over our complexion.  To handle the undesirable effects of aging, stop blaming mom and handle these points:

● Smoking.  Smoking is toxic for the entire body, including the skin.  It can age the skin and reduce its ability to heal well.  Fortunately, individuals who quit smoking often discover within just a few weeks that they are able to undo the damage that has been caused by long-term smoking.

● Failing to wear proper sunscreen.  Wearing sunscreen every day is the best way to prevent against wrinkles, as ninety percent of all wrinkles are from sun exposure.  It is important to use the proper type of sunscreen and reapply it every forty to eighty minutes while you are in the sun.

● Not protecting the skin around your eyes.  Oversized glasses are not just a fashion statement, they are necessary to help prevent potentially dangerous sun damage around your eyes.  The eyelids are actually one of the most common places to find skin cancer, and it’s even possible to get melanoma in the eyes.  Shades that offer more than 95% UV protection are ideal.

● Failing to exercise.  An active lifestyle can actually help your face, because boosted circulation and blood flow gives your skin nutrients and oxygen, as well as a highly desirable healthy glow.

● Failing to get enough sleep.  While you sleep your body is able to rejuvenate and repair itself, which is very good for your skin.  You should try to get between six to eight hours of good, deep sleep each night.

● Failing to give good products a chance.  Changing products every week or two because you aren’t seeing dramatic results as quickly as you want can actually prevent you from establishing a good skin care routine.  It can take roughly three months for a good product to start working really well. 



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