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Skin Care4 Habits That Could Be Giving You Wrinkles

4 Habits That Could Be Giving You Wrinkles

It is not terribly surprising that women desire to spend so much time on enhancing and protecting their personal beauty.  Not only can great beauty help a woman to feel confident and desirable, it can communicate to others that she takes very good care of herself.  One of the most important elements of great beauty is excellent skincare, as our skin is our largest and most visible organ.  In the never-ending struggle to achieve and maintain beautiful, flawless and radiant skin, one of our greatest fears is looking in the mirror and finding a face filled with wrinkles.  It is therefore no wonder that many skincare efforts are directed specifically at preventing and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.   

Habits That Lead to Wrinkles

Most women believe that wrinkles are a natural part of aging and something you can only temporarily thwart, but that is not actually entirely true.  Most wrinkles are actually caused by sun damage and various other habits, not by skin aging alone.  So what should you do to reduce wrinkles?  Following are the four main habits that could be contributing to wrinkles:

1. Failing to protect your skin from the sun.  UV rays break down the collagen and elastin in your epidermis, and these rays can penetrate your skin even on cloudy days.  You should always wear proper sunscreen, under your makeup on your face and on any other exposed areas of your skin.

2. Squinting due to sun or poor vision.  Squinting causes a furrow between your eyebrows as well as crow’s feet at the corner of your eyes.  In order to eliminate squinting you should always wear sunglasses on sunny days and have your vision checked and corrected as needed.

3. Smoking.  The way that you purse your lips in order to take drags on a cigarette can cause wrinkles around your mouth.  Smoking itself has also been shown to increase an individual’s facial wrinkles.

4. Failing to exfoliate or use a good moisturizer.  Exfoliating and moisturizing your skin can help it remain free of dry, dead cells and maintain its elasticity better over time.

Certain facial expressions, such as frowns and smiles, can lead to wrinkles over time.  However, many women would readily agree that it would be far better to enjoy life and have a few smile lines to show for it than maintain a relaxed, unsmiling expression at all times in the hopes of staving off all traces of wrinkles indefinitely. 



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