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Get Halloween Ready with a Private Makeup Class at Botanica

Halloween is a favorite holiday among many, and not necessarily because it’s an excuse to procure and eat vast amounts of candy. Not only is it fun to decorate for Halloween, carving pumpkins and hanging up spooky ghosts, it’s a chance for everyone to dress up and pretend to be anything they want–from famous celebrities to enchanted figures and everything in between. But if you can really be anything you want to be, you don’t want to dress up in costume and feel that you’ve only made it halfway–which can happen if your makeup fails to truly match your vision. So what can you do to complete your look if you’re not a professional makeup artist?

Mastering Halloween Makeup

Mastering Halloween makeup application does not mean one must become a professional aesthetician or makeup artist. It is important, however, to know some of the main things you need to do, and what mistakes you need to avoid making. When applying Halloween makeup on their own, many individuals tend to make a couple key mistakes:

  • Putting on a lot of dark makeup without adding highlights. This is especially detrimental to your overall look if you are making your entire face a single color, as highlights are necessary in order to add the depth and contrast that is necessary for believability. Highlights should be placed over the cheekbones, the center of the forehead, the tip of the nose, the chin and the brow bone.
  • Failing to apply powder so makeup will set and not rub off on other things. Since many of the inexpensive Halloween makeup kits don’t come with powder, most individuals don’t know that this is a necessary part of setting makeup. Translucent powder is best and can be applied by blotting with a thin tissue so as not to disturb the makeup application.

A private makeup class at Botanica can help to ensure that you don’t make any of these or other common Halloween makeup mistakes, so you will wind up with a truly complete Halloween costume that’s sure to stun. You will learn important application techniques such as:

  • Starting with a base. Contrary to what Halloween makeup kits would have you believe, you don’t need one of their expensive bases in order to achieve the best possible results. Our professionals can teach you how to use your regular foundation to apply a base, mixing in eyeshadow as necessary to tint it. This base will help make the rest of the application go smoothly.
  • Outlining your face. Makeup pencils or colored eyeliners can work very well for outlining your face, which is important to help you achieve your desired look.
  • Accentuating your eyes. Regardless of how incredible your face makeup is, many individuals will first focus on your eyes. By accentuating them to match the look you are going for, whether brightening them up and adding sparkles or making them look dark and sunken, you can create an even greater initial impact. If you are considering special contacts to truly transform the look of your eyes completely, take care to research and select ones that are well-made and safe for your eyes.

And, of course, you will also learn how to apply highlights to add depth and contrast, and a light dusting of powder to ensure that your makeup sets properly and will not rub off on everything it may touch (including your clothing).

The professional aestheticians at Botanica can even give you tips and pointers for applying makeup to other parts of your body, as needed, to help complete your look. Our goal through delivering our special Halloween makeup classes is to help you fully realize your Halloween vision.



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