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Not a Super Bowl Fan? Visit the Spa Following Game Day

Not all of us are into football – and that’s okay! Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend and Game Day is one of the biggest events of the year. If you have the hubby or family ready and stocked up with snacks, pizza, soda, the whole nine yards (pun intended), who says you must stick around to keep the bowls filled? Instead, why not plan on coming to the spa for a treat you enjoy!

Pros of the Spa

There’s nothing wrong with helping gear up for the Super Bowl but staying for the big game is not in the contract. If your family begs you to stay, then occupy your mind and time at home with setting your sight on going to the spa the next day! No doubt there was plenty of shopping, setting up, cooking, and cleaning to prepare the living room for hoards of bodies yelling and shouting at the TV.

Your body will probably feel like it’s been through the mill once the Super Bowl begins. Therefore, let’s relieve the tension and relax into the quiet tranquility of a solo spa trip the day before the Super Bowl or post-game. Perhaps you can even call some girlfriends who will be in the same predicament and book a group package for the ultimate Girl’s Day! There are plenty of reasons to back your decision to visit the spa following Super Bowl Sunday.

These are just a few valid reasons:

·        It occupies your time with something you greatly enjoy, rather than catering to a sport that is not your favorite.

·        It allows your hubby and family to have fun during the game without negativity or distraction from someone who isn’t interested in watching.

·        The family is busy the whole day, meaning you get to be busy all day too – doing something that feels wonderful, as well as occupies you.

·        The stress and rushing around doing preparations before the game will cause tension, sore muscles, or even pinched nerves, pulled muscles, or knots in your shoulders.

·        There should be a day of quiet and relaxation each week, so when it’s the Super Bowl, the spa is the ultimate getaway for some R&R.

You can pick any one of these choices and your family will have no reason to counter your decision or the expense when you shelled out quite a bit for the Super Bowl Party for them. The Super Bowl can last into the night and all of that fevered energy can sometimes be too much for a non-football fan. Cut out the hours of clean up to a party you didn’t participate in and come visit Botanica Day Spa, where you’ll have so much more fun being treated like a Queen!

Botanica Day Spa Specials

For first time clients at Botanica Day Spa, make sure you ask about specials and discounts to really get the full luxurious treatment in the midst of Super Bowl Sunday. For veteran clients, we have monthly specials and spa packages that offer discounted services for the ultimate day of pampering. Any one of our girls at the spa will be happy to give you all the information before you get to the spa or even if you just walk-in.

For February, we are offering an Elemental massage, inspired by the elements: Water, Wood, Earth, Fire, Metal. It’s an 85-minute massage with hot stones, towels, and aromatherapy with a choice of one of the elements to accompany your service. There’s also a whole section on the Specials page with new client service offers that will have you jumping into your car and heading to Botanica spa! Let your friends and family football lovers spend Super Bowl Sunday in front of the TV. Though Botanica Day Spa isn’t open on Sunday’s, Saturday or any other day of the week can absolutely be when you spend it with us! Call today and book your appointment for your type of entertainment!



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