Give the Gift of Health and Beauty With a Spa Membership From Botanica

One could argue that one of the greatest sources of stress during the holiday season is trying to determine what gifts to give one’s family members and friends.  It can be wonderfully helpful when loved ones give you a wish list from which you can select their gifts, but there is also something very satisfying about selecting a gift that will be a complete and wonderful surprise.  You may find yourself spending endless hours searching for something that your loved one will enjoy–not just once, but all year long. Consider a spa membership!

The Beauty of Spa Memberships

You would be hard-pressed to find anyone who would not enjoy just a little more time at the spa.  Spending even a few hours at the spa every now and again can allow one to disconnect from those things that stress them, and spend some time addressing their physical, mental and emotional needs, health and beauty.  The trouble is that few individuals actually make time for the spa, perhaps even complaining that they cannot afford it.  This is why a spa membership is such an incredible gift–it can provide the individual not only with exactly what they need and want, but what they are unlikely to get for self.

For a one-time sign-up fee of $39, Botanica offers two different spa membership levels, silver and gold:

  • Silver Level Spa Membership Package.  For $99 a month, the member can enjoy one of the following each month: a fifty-five minute specialty facial valued at $105-$125, microdermabrasion valued at $110, an eighty-five minute massage valued at $120, a mini-massage, pedicure and shellac manicure valued at $130 or a Brazilian bikini wax, mini facial and facial booster valued at $123.
  • Gold Level Spa Membership Package.  For $150 a month, the member can enjoy one of the following each month: a signature facial and lash tint valued at $185, a fifty-five minute massage and specialty facial valued at $1759-$205, or a signature massage and twenty minute facial valued at $185.

All of our spa services are performed by fully trained and experienced beauty professionals whose sole goal is to deliver the absolute best service possible.  Considering that most individuals are eager for any excuse to visit the spa more often, a spa membership is the perfect, thoughtful and highly desirable gift.  You may even want to pick one up for yourself at the same time!



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