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Skin CareGuide to Applying Retinoids

Guide to Applying Retinoids

As women, we are naturally very interested in doing whatever we can to enhance our skin’s health and beauty.  This means not only ridding it of imperfections but also protecting it against damaging effects.  To this end, many women fall in love with the use of retinoids, although few are confident in how to use them properly.
Retinoids are products that are chemically related to vitamin A and can therefore have extensive health benefits for the skin.  They can boost collagen turnover in order to fight wrinkles and aging, increase cell turnover in order to brighten complex and prevent clogged pores, they can even out pigment differences in sunspots and melasma, and they can even reverse some early pre-cancer cell formation.  However, they are medications and therefore must be used wisely in order to benefit your skin without irritating it.

How to Apply Retinoids

Your skin is a delicate organ that must be given time to adjust to new products and routines, such as retinoid therapy.  Because of this, it is best to start very slowly and pay close attention to how your skin responds, adjusting your retinoid use as needed.  Any retinoid use is best complemented by a full skincare routine as follows:

● Cleansing.  You need to choose a cleanser that is gentle and non-irritating, preferably soapless.  You definitely want to be able to get all skincare products, dirt and oil off your skin without drying it out.  Use a washcloth, your hands, or any other gentle cleansing method that is well tolerated.

 Complexion correction.  In the morning you should use water-binding and irritation-fighting products to help prevent redness.  At night, complexion correction is the retinoid product itself.

● Hydrating.  A moisturizer that is appropriate for your skin’s complexion, whether it is dry or oily, is vital to ensuring that your skin remains appropriately hydrated.

● Sun protection.  This should always be the last product applied to your skin every day–underneath your makeup.  Sun protection is absolutely critical in the maintenance of healthy skin, and it is especially vital when you are using retinoids.  Find a product that protects your skin from both UVA and UVB rays, and addresses your specific complexion needs.

Over time, retinoid use can work to slow the normal process of skin aging, something every woman dreams of.  These highly desirable benefits of regular retinoid use will be greatly enhanced by a complete skincare routine that supports these benefits. 



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