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FacialIs a Microdermabrasion Treatment Right For You?

Is a Microdermabrasion Treatment Right For You?

If women had a dollar for every moment we spend worrying about and caring for our skin, we would be a very wealthy group indeed.  Actually, considering that our skin is our largest organ, the first thing others notice about us and also an incredibly accurate way to measure our physical health, it’s neither surprising nor unreasonable to spend so much time taking care of it.  And good skincare is definitely well worth it when we achieve the soft, luminous skin we so greatly desire.  This is where microdermabrasion in particular can help.

About Microdermabrasion

The main and most obvious benefit of microdermabrasion treatment is that it removes the top layer of dead cells that tend to clog and dull the skin.  It can also refine fine lines and wrinkles, improve smoothness, reduce the appearance of age spots, and repair acne scars and other small imperfections.  During this treatment, a professional aesthetician first thoroughly cleanses your skin and then uses a microdermabrasion machine to sand and vacuum away the top layer of dead skin cells.  The process, though not totally painless, is an effective way to renew and rejuvenate tired skin.

One of the great benefits of receiving regular microdermabrasion treatments is how it works to stimulate natural skin health.  This is because microdermabrasion not only removes the dead skin cells that contribute to dull and problem-prone skin, it also stimulates the skin’s natural molecular healing processes.  This does not mean that microdermabrasion actually wounds or harms the skin, it is just effective in stimulating the healing processes that result in collagen renewal, exfoliation and pore cleansing.  Collagen production is especially important as we age and our skin begins to thin out.

While the intended results are generally the same, there are two basic types of microdermabrasion–one which uses crystals to sand the skin and another which uses a fine, sandy rod to sand the skin.  The products applied to your skin following a microdermabrasion treatment can also vary widely, and usually depend upon the aesthetician’s evaluation of your skin type and health. 

Most women agree that microdermabrasion treatments are incredibly relaxing, especially since they are normally performed as part of a facial treatment.  The facial further cleans healthy skin pores and loads the skin with beneficial serums and hydration.  This dual treatment leaves your complexion bright, smooth and beautiful–what more could you ask for in a trip to the spa?



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