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FacialSkincare Routine for Brides-to-be
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Skincare Routine for Brides-to-be

Every bride should be glowing and radiant on her wedding day.  She shouldn’t have to worry that her skin might be dull-looking or that she could have a break out the day before her wedding.  Great skin doesn’t happen by accident; the journey to beautiful, flawless-looking skin should begin long before you say “I do”.  Many skincare experts recommend starting a quality skincare regime at least one year before your big day, or as soon as possible, to ensure your skin is in tip-top shape.

Have Your Skin Analyzed    

About 6 months to a year before walking down the aisle, schedule a consultation with one of Botanica’s reputable and experienced skin experts.  You can discuss any concerns you might have about the current state of your skin and our skin expert will recommend specific spa treatments that will benefit your skin, as well as an at-home regime to ensure optimal results.  Keep in mind that if you aren’t using quality skincare products at home, like the Pevonia product line that uses all-natural ingredients, you aren’t going to see all of the possible benefits from the facial treatments you’ll receive at the spa.

Three-Month Check In

About three months before your wedding, arrange for a check-in with your skincare expert to make sure your home care regime is still appropriate.  Hormones, stress, and diet can all affect the condition of your skin.  A quick check-in can identify if a change to your routine is necessary.

What to Avoid

As the final wedding countdown approaches, beware of any drastic or aggressive treatments to your skin.  If you haven’t followed your skincare regime consistently, you may be tempted to schedule a chemical peel or microdermabrasion to try to speed up the process; this plan could backfire and leave your skin looking red and irritated.  Consider only soothing and hydrating treatments.

The One-Week Point

With one week left till your wedding day, consider a Dermaplaning treatment or our Signature Facial.  These pampering facial treatments gently resurface your skin, removing two to three weeks’ worth of dead skin and peach fuzz.  Your skin will then be in pristine condition and ready to be the perfect canvas for the special wedding make-up you have planned.

Even if you aren’t planning a wedding, getting a monthly facial and using products that are specific to your skin type are key for having healthy and clear skin year-round.  Seeking advice from one of our skincare experts will take the guess work out of trying to determine which skincare products are right for you.



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