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FacialHow Fatigue Plays a Roll with Creating a Dull Complexion

How Fatigue Plays a Roll with Creating a Dull Complexion

Every woman dreams of clear, youthful, radiant skin that everyone compliments and many are willing to do just about anything to achieve it (we’re all ears too)!  Many women turn to a host of creams, serums, and other treatments in order to achieve the perfect skin they desire when actually their body’s ability to be fully rested can have more to do with their complexion than they know. It’s time to reflect on what we can do without taking a trip to a beauty store to lend a helping hand to our skin!

The Different Ways Fatigue Dulls a Complexion

Fatigue that is caused by stress, depression, overworking and sickness can take away the brightness of one’s complexion, causing it to take on an old, dull appearance. None of us want this, of course.  And while a proper diet, exercise, and skincare regimen can assist, until one resolves their fatigue they may continue to suffer from a less-than-ideal complexion. (Boo!)  Below are four health conditions that can cause fatigue and dull your complexion that has simple solutions for a dewy fix to our face:

1. Anemia.  The low blood count that occurs in anemia can cause fatigue and tired, old and dull-looking skin.  Fortunately, there are foods one can eat in order to combat anemia and restore a healthier complexion.  Iron-rich foods, like liver, leafy vegetables and other types of proteins are particularly helpful. You can even add in an iron supplement for a pure, streamlined way to boost these levels naturally!

2. Diabetes.  Normally, individuals who suffer from diabetes also suffer from poor appetite, fatigue, and anxiety.  When a diabetic individual fails to eat a proper diet and continues to take their medication, they tend to take on a fatigued complexion. Nutrition from fresh fruits and vegetables can help a diabetic manage their condition, and can also brighten their dull skin. (This can also go for anyone who tends to forget to eat antioxidant-rich ingredients.)

3. Overworking.  It can be quite thrilling when one truly enjoys their job, but this does not mean that it’s healthy for them to work all the time.  It’s important to one’s health that they take the time to rest in between their working hours, and not burn out their body for the sake of beating that deadline.  Not only can overworking produce less-than-stellar results, but it can also produce a fatigued body and…brace yourself: dull, wrinkled and tired skin. Yikes! Taking a trip to the spa, heading home early, or taking a long weekend to relax and rejuvenate yourself can do wonders for your skin. Plus, the oldie but goodie of them all: hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

4. Anxiety.  Anxiety and fatigue often go hand-in-hand, one leading to the other.  It is important not to work when you feel tired, as this can make you anxious, which can further deepen your fatigue and cause you to sleep restlessly or worse, produce insomnia. No sleep will definitely lead to a lackluster complexion. It can be highly beneficial to take a relaxing bath before bed to help the body relax and unwind.  Use essential oils and a diffuser while you sleep to promote relaxation and loosen tension. Washing your face and apply moisturizer before bed can also help give an extra boost to your skin since while you sleep, your skin repairs itself!

Taking good care of your mental and physical health can help one achieve and maintain the bright, radiant complexion they desire. Of course, the best option to really pep your skin up is to visit Botanica Day Spa for some much needed R&R! With our long list of spa services, you can’t go wrong with refreshing your skin and enjoying the serene atmosphere of our beautiful spa.  Call us today at 727-441-1711 to book your spa appointment now and we’ll help kick that dull complexion to the curb and reveal a glowing you!



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