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FacialCaviar isn’t Just for Dreams & Champagne Wishes: Why a Caviar Facial is a Must
caviar facial

Caviar isn’t Just for Dreams & Champagne Wishes: Why a Caviar Facial is a Must

While we all desire to maintain the beautiful, supple and radiant skin of our youth, we may find that we are limited in our pursuit of this goal due to our inability to sort out the best products and services from those that are less worthy. Fortunately, there is a very simple rule one can adhere to–look to nature. There are many beauty products and services that rely on their effectiveness provided by elements derived from nature. One such natural and wondrous element is caviar!

Made from tiny, delicate fish eggs and commonly known as one of the most expensive luxury foods, caviar is often associated with upscale soirees and other fancy occasions among the rich and famous. For this reason, slathering caviar on the face seems like a privilege enjoyed exclusively by the rich and famous. Actually, the benefits afforded by a caviar facial are so extensive that they should be enjoyed by everyone! And while some caviar facials can definitely fall into the same class as the more exclusive gold cream facials and therefore be pricey, they don’t actually have to cost a fortune to provide you with outstanding benefits, especially at Botanica Day Spa!


There are many wonderful benefits of a caviar facial, mainly because caviar is actually one of your skin’s absolute best friends. Following are just a few of the reasons why:

  • Salty seawater is good for your skin. The marine climate and many elements of the sea have long proven of great benefit to the skin. This is why sea salts are wonderful to bathe with, and why many creams and serums are infused with sea minerals. Caviar is from the sea and therefore carries with it many of the sea’s benefits.
  • Amino acids are vital to your skin’s health. Both your skin as well as the muscles directly beneath your skin are made up of protein, which is primarily composed of amino acids. The amino acids in caviar can be absorbed directly into the skin, which can help it to rejuvenate. This allows for the younger, fresher skin we all seek to achieve and maintain.
  • Your skin is most aided by skin-like cells. An interesting fact is that caviar cell structure is remarkably like a human skin cell structure. This can actually speed up your skin’s ability to rejuvenate itself using the elements of caviar. Additionally, caviar is anti-aging, slowing down the skin’s aging process, and it helps to stimulate the production of high-quality collagen at greater speed.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids help your skin achieve a beautiful, radiant glow. Caviar, like many other foods from the sea, is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These healthy fats actually form a protective layer on your skin that helps it to shine beautifully.
  • Makeup works better over skin protected by caviar. Though we love the aesthetic effects of makeup, the fact is that it is harmful to our skin. A caviar facial will actually create a layer of caviar that can remain to protect your skin. Furthermore, caviar works very well as a base beneath foundation makeup.

Some individuals choose to use edible caviar on their face, in the same way, they would use any other beneficial skin care product. Others willingly pay a premium for caviar skin creams that they use on a regular–even daily–basis. Fortunately, this is not the only way to enjoy the many benefits of this remarkable natural resource. There is also the option to receive a professional caviar facial.

At Botanica, our caviar facial includes not only pure caviar extract but also pearl extract and Escutox, a wonderful, revolutionary blend of phytoextracts. Even a single session can bring about remarkable improvements, such as reduced wrinkles, increased skin oxygenation, greater skin elasticity, and suppleness, plus better texture!

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