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menopause and skincare

How Menopause Affects Your Skin

Menopause is often viewed as one of the least desirable facts of womanhood, and not only because it indicates that a woman is growing older.  The symptoms of menopause can be highly uncomfortable and can include hot flashes, night sweats, sleep problems, mood changes, difficulty concentrating, forgetfulness, sexual changes, urinary issues, joint pain, bone loss and even skin changes.

Menopause and Your Skin

While menopause typically occurs around age fifty-one, many women experience symptoms far in advance of actual menopause, and the window during which a woman can go through menopause is anywhere between forty and fifty-eight years of age.  During menopause, a woman’s natural estrogen levels decrease significantly, and this has a marked effect on their skin health.  Estrogen is linked to the creation of collagen, lipids and water in the skin, which in turn contribute to the highly desirable elasticity of our skin.  The decrease in collagen, lipids and water as a result of lower estrogen levels during menopause can cause the skin to become thinner and drier.  In effect, menopausal women tend to complain that their skin feels rougher, drier and harder.  Furthermore, studies have indicated that women who go through menopause prematurely tend to experience more rapid skin aging as a result.  Fortunately, women can do something about this.

Aside from menopause, a woman’s skin goes through a variety of changes during her life, depending both on her heredity, race and age as well as her lifestyle habits, diet, sun exposure and more.  In order for a woman to successfully combat the effects of menopause and other conditions, they will need to begin a proper skincare regimen from an early point and continue it throughout their life.  Not only does this mean proper daily skincare regimen and regular facial treatments, but also maintaining a diet that is rich in fiber, fruits and vegetables, participating in a good exercise regimen and avoiding tobacco products.  As direct, unfiltered sunlight in small amounts each day (fifteen minutes) is a vital source of natural vitamin D but extensive exposure to sunlight is one of our skin’s greatest enemies, you should always take care to protect it well, especially during the summer months, and drink plenty of water.  If your skin is very healthy and well-hydrated, it is better able to cope with the changes presented through a drop in estrogen and collagen levels.  What better way to remain youthful than through everlastingly beautiful and radiant skin? 



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