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How to Avoid a Shiny Face from Oily Skin

Our skin is our biggest organ and often one of the very first things that others notice about us. It’s no wonder that a great portion of our beauty regimens is focused on creating and maintaining beautiful, glowy skin. In fact, chances are that you–along with most other women–are constantly searching for ways to permanently reveal your best skin.

This is especially true during the hot summer months when our skin care needs shift dramatically in response to the weather around us. Oily skin inevitably follows during the change in seasons, making plenty of us dread the constant touch-ups and blotting throughout the day to manage a non-glowy shine to our faces. Fortunately, good skin care doesn’t require complicated procedures or tons of expensive products, and that goes for oily skin types too!

Tips to Help Keep Oily Skin Shine-Free

Oily skin can be particularly troublesome to deal with, even when it, thankfully, doesn’t always result in unsightly blemishes. Our pores secrete more oil than normal because of several factors, including genetics, hormones, and even stress. Luckily, there are some simple tricks you can do to combat oily skin this summer:

  1. Use the right cleanser. Cleansers that contain 2% percent salicylic acid for the purpose of fighting blemishes can be wonderfully helpful when you are trying to combat oily skin. The salicylic acid will help to break down any oil that is locked in your pores, without drying out your skin.
  2. Don’t overdo it on sunscreen. Rather than using your normal moisturizer in the morning, spread about a teaspoon of mineral-based sunblock all over your face. Oil-absorbing ingredients like micronized zinc or titanium dioxide can help to control the oil and shine on your face. Be cautious of the brands you use, and the other ingredients in it that could add to producing excess oil.
  3. Use less makeup. Summer is the perfect time to switch to lighter makeup use. Heavy makeup tends to melt into and clog pores when the weather is hot, and this causes pores to produce more oil. Mineral powder foundations can be particularly helpful during the summer, as they are light and can actually absorb excess oil to keep the skin looking matte!
  4. Eat well. Cocktails and spicy foods may be yummy, but they aren’t helpful to your skin. Alcohol and spicy food can cause your blood vessels to dilate and make you sweat, which can clog your skin and lead to an over-production of oil. Limit your alcohol and spice level and supplement eating plenty of carrots, cantaloupe, spinach, and other vitamin A-rich foods to help slow your skin’s oil production.
  5. Exfoliate once a week. Gentle exfoliating scrubs can help remove the dead skin, dirt, and oil that tends to sit on your face and clog your pores. That said, over-exfoliating can have the opposite effects that one intends, so be sure to limit your exfoliating to just once, or maybe twice, a week. For even better results you can follow your exfoliation with a clay or salicylic acid mask that will help to further decrease oil production!
  6. Reduce your night cream volume. Just as a heavy foundation can clog your pores, heavy night cream application can as well. In fact, you can help by switching from night cream to lotion or lotion to a hydrating serum so that you are using a lighter product on your skin. Avoid moisturizing your nose (it has moisturization under control) and try to find products that contain salicylic acid, glycolic acid or anti-inflammatory niacinamide.
  7. Blot like your life depends on it. Blotting papers cannot be overused in a way that harms the skin as all they do is soak up the excess oil on your face. Use them to your heart’s content!
  8. Book a facial. Spa facials are designed with your skin’s specific needs in mind, which means that they can effectively address oily skin at a deeper level than the results you can achieve through your products at home. Plus, who doesn’t love the pampering effects of receiving a facial!?

At Botanica Day Spa, we have several facials perfect for oily skin types! Call us today to book your facial appointment and ask our amazing skin care experts about how to control your oily skin this summer so that you can enjoy a shine-free complexion!



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