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lash extensions falling out

How To Avoid Your Lash Extensions Falling Out

Lash extensions are all the rage and continue to grow as a major beauty trend. Why? Simple – it’s an easier and more convenient way to manage fabulously long lashes without constantly applying mascara. However, without proper care, eyelash extensions can fall out and even occasionally ruin your natural lashes. You’re in luck though, since there are several easy tips to keep in mind to maintain your eyelash extensions for the full length of time!

Keep reading to know how you can prevent your lash extensions falling out and stay looking fabulous…

Are Your Eyelash Extensions Falling Out?

Lash extensions are one of the less complex beauty services on the market. A professional beautician is trained to apply, fill out, and lengthen your eyelashes with false lashes. There are a variety of eyelash extensions types, ranging from synthetic to the ultra luxurious mink lashes. Of course, with most beauty services, there are pros and cons, not including people’s personal experiences or opinions about it.

If you’re interested in getting lash extensions, it’s best to try it for yourself, no matter what is said or read about them. Nothing shows you the truth about a beauty product more so than experiencing it on yourself, in this case with eyelash extensions. These are not to be mistaken for false eyelashes you can buy at a drugstore for five dollars either.

Lash extensions are done by a trained beautician, normally at a spa and now at nail salons. Always research and be leery of where to go for eyelash extensions. Finding a place that offers it for a heavy discount can normally lead to misapplication of them and cause problems with reactions to the eye or the lash extensions falling out too soon.

A spa is your best option for lash extensions and choosing a highly rated and reviewed one is best. A beautician should only care about the precision and quality of applying the eyelash extensions, as well as making sure they respond correctly to the person’s eye (sometimes an allergic reaction can occur for some with sensitivity to glues or adhesives).

3 Tips to Avoid Lash Extensions Problems

But even after picking the right spa to get them done at, how do you keep them lasting for weeks on end? Here are 3 tips to use to avoid your lash extensions falling out prematurely:

  1. Avoid oils and harsh soaps to remove your eye makeup, as these can loosen the adhesive for the extensions. Instead, use a gentle eye makeup remover and always be gentle with your lashes while taking off makeup.
  2. Avoid rubbing, itching, or pulling on your eyelashes. This may seem obvious but the natural habit of touching your eyes and lashes can happen without you realizing and being too rough with your lashes will inevitably lead to their short lifespan.
  3. Maintain your lashes. There is some care and time that comes with having lash extensions, but it never pairs up with the time of applying makeup day after day. Brush out your lashes every day to keep them from sticking together or sitting in an odd direction as this helps them grow normally and keep the extensions lasting longer.

If you keep to these three tips, you will see a much bigger difference in the longevity of your lash extensions!


A spa to consider for stunning, professional lash extensions is Botanica Day Spa in Clearwater, FL. With three different options of lash enhancements (and a selection of high-quality lash extensions types to choose from), you can have voluminous, thick lashes that are to die for!

The lash enhancements at Botanica are loved by every client, new and long standing! The Classic Lash Extensions has one lash extension applied to each natural lash for an elegant touch. The Volume Lash Extensions has up to 3 extensions added to your individual natural lashes for serious fullness! There is also a Bottom Lash Extensions option for the lower lashes to encompass the entire eye for a full look overall!

Call Botanica at 727-441-1711 to book your lash extensions appointment today and enjoy gorgeous lashes every day without having to apply makeup!



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