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How To Maintain Your Eyelash Extensions

With all the normal wear of slay-worthy makeup, dinners, parties, dates or just wanting a little dose of fabulous to capture Instagram and Snapchat-worthy moments, there is no doubt that your eyelashes have been a bit weathered. There are several months of the year, including Christmas and wedding seasons, that many of you lovely ladies try out or touch up your eyelash extensions. They are a great asset for bold and stunning lashes without the fuss of applying false eyelashes every single day.

The care and maintenance of them, however, can be somewhat lacking for those who are not familiar with eyelash extensions. Here are some great tips and tricks for keeping those gorgeous, long lashes up to par – and just in time for the New Year!


What many are unaware of with eyelash extensions is to not touch them. Your fingers secrete natural oils and constantly touching your lash extensions can cause them to loosen from your lash line and fall off. Then it’s just a waste of good money for very little effect! No one wants that.

Fear not though, as keeping your fingers away outside of the normal washing and mascara wand brushing will help to preserve them. So remember, limit the physical strain of your lashes outside of when necessary and they will stay long and fabulous!


Some people have heard that using makeup remover on lash extensions can be damaging. This is not the case, as long as you look for specially formulated makeup removers that will be gentle on your lash extensions. Shop for the kinds that are water-based and oil-free. Gentle makeup removers do not contain harsher elements that will strip away the adhesives of your falsies. The makeup remover should still be able to dissolve eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, lips, and brows without harming your lash extensions. Gentler make up removers also work that much better than not as many swipes over your eyes will maintain your lash extension retention.

For those heavy-duty makeup times, it’s best to use a micro swab or a disposable lip gloss applicator to remove stubborn eye makeup. Q-tips are not recommended as the fibers will get caught in your lavish lashes and be that more difficult to remove.


With eyelash extensions, cleansing is vital for maintaining lash health. For your own lashes and for extending lash extensions, washing your eyelashes has wonderful benefits. The purpose of eyelashes is to catch debris, dust and other particles from reaching your eye, as well as warning the delicate eye of any poking or prodding from things in the air. The eyelash is a natural defense system and also acts as a barrier from the residual buildup of skin, eye products, finger oils and even cosmetic oils. These types of buildup can lower the retention of your eyelash extensions. Cleansing your eyelashes is very beneficial to the longevity of your eyelash extensions by removing these buildups from breaking down the adhesives of your extensions.


It may sound strange, but just like brushing your hair stimulates the follicles and helps strands grow long and strong, so can brushing your eyelash extensions. Normal activities like sleeping, makeup application and touching around the eye area can move your lashes around, overlap the lashes, tangle them and possibly create visible gaps. No one ever wants sparse looking lashes.

Sweeping over your lashes with a lash wand will put all those rambunctious lashes into place. You do want to avoid the attachment area when brushing the extensions so as not to detach them from your lash line. If they are tangled or overlapping, use caution and be very gentle while sweeping over them so they do not think of jumping ship early. Brushing your lashes on a daily basis will keep your extensions lasting, but also keep your eye area healthy.

Remember, natural lashes grow in and fall out all the time and your eyelash extensions act the same.

Though some estheticians give you a timeframe of how long your lash extensions will last, there is no set time of when they will stay on or fall off since they shed with the natural lash they are attached to. The growth cycles and different length stages of natural lashes are estimated at 1-5 lashes shedding per day. Not to fear – re-lashes will replace those that have been lost to maintain a full look! Visit Botanica’s Lash Extensions page for our beauty services that you will love!



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