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Acne TreatmentClear Up Your Acne with One Simple Facial Treatment
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Clear Up Your Acne with One Simple Facial Treatment

Acne can be a tough and fickle skin problem to fight. There are so many products and acne gels out there on the market that it’s become a maze of what will work and what will actually work for me, specifically? A lot of brands promote an acne treatment that will completely handle and treat your skin one hundred percent. But the ingredients are lackluster and contain small percentages of the element that can help get rid of acne. So what should you do to treat your acne?

Acne 101

Acne is not just a pimple or two on your face. When your pores become blocked from oil, dead skin, or bacteria, it builds up inside the pore and produces a raised bump on the epidermis. Acne can manifest in the form of blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, or even cysts. A blackhead is caused by a pore being blocked by dead skin cells or oils, though the pore remains stretched open, allowing oxygen in to turn the blockage darker. A whitehead is the same concept, but the pore remains closed, developing the pus or bacteria to build under the skin, forming a white bump.

Pimples are inflamed pores that appear as a raised bump, normally with pus or the buildup of bacteria or oil inside. Each are a various form of acne and can lead to the worst form, cystic acne. The cause of acne in any stage varies from person to person, but can be contributed by:

·       Stress. This has been known to trigger acne, which acne tends to result in more stress, creating an endless cycle of unbalance and annoyance.

·       Diet. Too much greasy food, sugar, or intolerances can result in acne as your body then has to work harder to compensate for the lack of nutrition, vitamins, and fibers it needs from healthier options like vegetables, lean proteins, and grains.

·       Hormones. For teenagers, this is an especially hard time for acne as puberty causes many fluctuations and increases of hormones, resulting in a large production of zits.

·       Overactive oil glands. People with oily skin have a rougher time with acne as their pores naturally produce more oil and can clog the pores faster than they can wash their face or treat the oncoming pimples or blackheads.

·       Improper care of the skin. Not taking daily care of your face and body with good ingredient skin care products tends to equal unhealthy, bacteria-filled skin.

With these in mind, your skin should never be neglected and time allotted each day, preferably morning and before bed, will help the state of your skin tremendously.

Acne Facial Treatment at Botanica Day Spa

At Botanica, we only ever use great skin care products in all of our services. They are marine or plant-based with beneficial ingredients for a range of skin concerns. For acne, the acne clear up treatment is the one for you to finally start banishing all those pesky spots for good. With this facial acne treatment, a strong peel is applied to your face. It’s an aggressive style treatment for those really interested in handling and clearing up their acne.

This peel goes to work and kills the bacteria sitting in your pores and follicles, drying out blemishes already on the surface. Like with most peels, your skin will peel even after the treatment is over. Taking care of your skin at home is key now more than ever if you truly want acne free skin, so make sure you moisturize and continue to keep your pores clean with a full skin care regimen meant for acne. If you have severe or stubborn acne, more than one treatment of this facial may be needed. The professional esthetician from Botanica will gladly consult you on more treatments and offer helpful tips to get beautiful, acne free skin.

Contact us at Botanica Day Spa today to book your appointment for an acne clear up treatment!



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