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dehydrated skin in winter

How to Keep Your Skin from Dehydrating During Winter

Getting in a lot of holiday cheer as Halloween approaches and the subsequent winter holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas? In addition to these delicious and Pinterest-worthy holidays, the winter season can severely dehydrate the skin, resulting in tightness and puffiness the next morning. Here are my expert skin care tips for how to keep your skin from dehydrating!

Wash your face and perform your morning routine

There’s a chance that you may not wash your face every morning and night. If you didn’t, do so now as your skin will get instantly refreshed when it’s clean. Plus, your eyes will feel so much better when your sticky, clumpy mascara is removed. Finding a multi-use cleanser will help remove old makeup and take away any trapped particles in our skin. Plus, you can perform a cold ice water splash to reduce facial puffiness!

  • Use hydrating ingredients to deliver water back into thirsty skin cells

When their skin is parched, most people tend to reach for a rich moisturizer and slather it on, but the focus needs to be about putting water back in the skin not oil since harsh weather depletes mostly water. Hyaluronic acid, sodium hyaluronate, and sodium PCA are all great ingredients to drench thirsty skin cells and restore them to a healthier state. You can find these in water-based products like serums, alcohol-free toners, gel masks, and sheet masks. Use any and all of them. Your skin can’t get enough hydration today. It’s a great way to completely reset the skin!

  • Massage the under eye area

Tired eyes haunt many of us and will usually appear puffy and have dark circles. Dab a small amount of eye cream and using circular motions with your fingertip, massage the entire under eye area. This will stimulate stagnant blood flow that can contribute to darkness and reduce excess fluid.

  • Rehydrate the body with vitamin-enriched water

Drinking alcohol at parties and your regular coffee not only depletes water out of the skin and body but essential vitamins, too. Rehydrate the body by drinking water all day and add fruits into your glass for a boost of antioxidants as well as taste. You can also drink pressed juices for a much-needed nutritional replenishment.

  • Don’t be afraid to consult a professional facialist

When it comes to your skin, no one wants to worry about dry, flaking skin during the best time of the year! If you’re nervous about the state of your skin, ask an aesthetician. We have seen everything under the sun, moon, and stars and will gladly offer any piece of advice and answer any questions you have about skin care. We will always encourage you to receive regular facials too, to help your skin out with the professional-grade skills, products, and treatments available at the spa. This will help your skin avoid the tell-tale dryness that marks winter.

Botanica Facials

I cannot stress enough the importance of monthly facials. Our skin is our biggest defender against germs, harsh weather, elements, stress, and so much more. We have to take care of it before the damage is already there and it takes even more time (and money) to help reverse it. At Botanica, we have several amazing facials to help throw a hydration explosion back into our overworked skin. Especially as the temperature drops (yes, even here in Florida though not as drastic as the rest of the States), we need to put the effort into protecting our face with a professional facial. Besides, the added benefits of stress-reducers from coming to a spa is just another reason to come for a fabulous facial!

Call Botanica today at 727-441-1711 to book your facial to keep your skin from dehydrating with us, or book it online here!


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