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Skin CareHow to Pull Off This Fall’s Hottest Beauty Trend: Dark Lips
Fall Lip Trends

How to Pull Off This Fall’s Hottest Beauty Trend: Dark Lips

We are now smack dab in the middle of fall.  Maybe you’ll tried the latest fall fashion trends by adding new booties, flannels, and denim to your wardrobe, but many people are a little hesitant to make changes to their beauty products based on seasonal trends.  While the models on billboards and magazines look great with darker makeup hues, it can be intimidating trying out new makeup trends that you’ve never attempted before.  Dark lips are all the rage right now and you better get on board!  Here are some tips on how to pull off our favorite fall hues.


Exfoliation isn’t just for our faces, ladies!  You shouldn’t be applying any shade of lip color to lips that are flakey and uneven.  Gently exfoliating your lips will give your lipstick or gloss a smooth canvas for application. 

Take Care of Unwanted Facial Hair

Dark lip colors will bring a lot of attention to your lips and mouth, so be sure that any tiny hairs that might be creeping around your top lip, whether they are dark or light in color, are removed. 

Moisture is Essential

Aside from exfoliating your lips to battle dryness, be sure your lips have been probably moisturized before applying your dark shade.  Matte lip balm that isn’t too glossy can help make sure your lipstick has a smooth foundation. 

Correct Skin Problems 

If your skin doesn’t seem to be in the best shape and you are dealing with blotchy, red skin or a few of those annoying pimples that love coming for a visit every now and then, you may not want to apply a dark red hue to your lips.  Use a good BB or CC cream to get your skin back in shape.

Finding Your Perfect Hue

For fair to medium skin tones, find a hue with a purplish base or merlot in color.  It will give you a romantic vintage look.  If you have olive-colored skin, look for shades that have a mahogany or terra cotta underlay to them like burgundy.  Merlot colors are also great for dark skin, but mixing a very small amount of black or brown eyeliner to the shade can give the color more depth and impact on lips that are very dark.

Now that you know how to prep your lips to rock this fall’s hottest trend, go out and find your new favorite lip shade!



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