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FacialIt’s All in the Timing: Does it Matter When You Get a Facial?
best time to get a facial

It’s All in the Timing: Does it Matter When You Get a Facial?

If you have had the pleasure of experiencing professional facials, you are well aware of their relaxing benefits.  What you may not know is that facials are actually an important part of your skincare routine.  Just as you visit a dentist every six months or so to get your teeth professionally cleaned, you should visit an aesthetician every so often to get your face professionally cleaned.  Your at-home skincare regimen is a vital part of your skin’s overall health, but the fact is that you simply cannot clean it as deeply or thoroughly as a professional aesthetician.  Besides, why would you want to deny yourself some well-deserved pampering?

When To Get a Facial

Quite plainly, the best time to get a facial is when it is most convenient for and desired by you.  You may find that your skin becomes dryer during the fall, and you wish to get a facial not only to receive the benefits of professional hydration, but also to get advice on how to adjust your at-home skincare regimen.  Or you may find that your skin suddenly breaks out in early summer, and again you desire professional treatment and advice.  There is really no “right” or “wrong” time to get a facial, you should simply go when you desire to.

What is important is proper post-facial care.  It is best not to schedule a facial just before working out, but otherwise you can schedule your facial for any time of day that suits you.  Some women prefer early morning facials that will allow them to show off their glowing skin for the rest of the day, while other women prefer evening facials that allow them to transition into a beautiful night’s rest.  If you choose a morning facial, simply put your makeup on as usual afterwards.   Just make sure to perform your normal skincare routine that evening, avoiding for about a week those harsh exfoliants, acid peels or retinol products that may irritate your skin.  If you choose an evening facial there is no need to undertake your normal skincare routine that night.

You should always take advantage of having a skincare professional to hand while receiving a facial, and ask them any and all questions you have.  They can provide you with the best advice, and may be able to help you adjust your at-home skincare regimen so that you consistently achieve the best results possible.



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