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Men: Here’s Why The Spa is For You Too

The spa is well known for being the ultimate women’s getaway location. However, in more recent years, around 47% of spa-goers were men. The male population has turned to grooming and taking care of their appearance as a means of style. Trimmed facial hair, clean cut nails, and hair, you name it, men are all for it. It’s a myth that a spa is just for the ladies. Anyone of any gender can go!


The spa is normally indulged by women with busy work-a-day lives and multi-tasking mamas. However, there is no valid reason why men cannot enjoy the spa as well. More and more spas are introducing and offering male-specific options, such as scrubs and waxing. Having a finely groomed male body has become the fad recently and no one here is complaining about men keeping their physical and mental wellness in fine shape.

One reason to visit is for waxing. Waxes for their chest, back or face are one of the top choices for a men’s spa trip. It lasts longer than shaving and gives their body a cleaner, more defined look. It also allows them more time to do other things, like work or go to the gym or meet with friends, rather than stuck in front of the bathroom mirror tediously shaving away. Unique and ultra-defined facial hair is another favorite trend for men right now. Waxing gives them the option of fine-combing the shape of their facial hair with razor-sharp precision, which is much harder to accomplish with an at-home blade.

Grooming as a whole is the item for most men and they are heading to the spa to make it happen. Massages are not just for women, with men frequenting it for a well-deserved unwind. When you imagine how much men work and hit the gym, a massage has incredible benefits to their physique and soothes their sore muscles more than just stretching after a workout. This is another reason for men to frequent the spa and maintain their physical wellbeing. 

The now-dubbed, “Manly-cure” is another spa treatment and a reason the opposite sex is choosing to visit. Clean, cut and shaped nails on both hands and toes are both professional-looking and help with their cuticle health. Most men are not versed in nail care and we are not complaining at having men coming into the spa for a mani-pedi!

Then, reason #4 is body scrubs that men seem to thoroughly enjoy. Scrubs are an excellent way of maintaining clean and healthy skin with exfoliating dead skin cells from the body. Men, in particular, are drawn to this spa treatment for several reasons. Not only is it a pleasant feeling to have clean, smooth skin, but it’s also great for confidence and physical mentality. Men indulging in spa treatments is okay with us at Botanica Day Spa!

Lastly, there is nothing strange about a man wanting to pamper himself at the spa! It shows care for his body and good grooming etiquette, plus this relaxing time was not created just for women. We encourage anyone to try out a trip to the spa – they certainly won’t be disappointed!


If you’re a first-time spa-goer, it can seem a bit daunting. A good percentage of men actually refuse to go simply because they don’t know the protocol – the do’s and don’ts. Well, here are some handy tips to know so you make the right decision and visit the spa!

·        Don’t be timid. Let the employees know it’s your first time there and they will be more than happy to answer any questions or give you a more thorough explanation of things.

·        Have manners. A lot of skin is exposed at a spa, but you are always welcome to undress for a massage or body treatment to your comfort level. If you have no problem baring all, remember to still be respectful of others at the facility.

·        Arrive on time. Appointments are set usually an hour to an hour and a half time increments, so arriving when you are supposed to keep the schedule in place for other clients too.

·        Review the spa online to know your bearings of the building and what it offers. This also helps you decide the treatments you want ahead of time and book a slot before there is no availability. It also gives you the chance to look over all the spa treatments and their benefits at length without feeling pressured.

Follow these helpful guidelines and remember to ask questions about anything you are unsure of and don’t be afraid to! We hope to see you and any gender looking for a relaxing, luxurious trip to Botanica Day Spa!



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