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FacialNuFace Micro Current Devices are Making a Comeback

NuFace Micro Current Devices are Making a Comeback

While I’m sure a handful of these face gadgets delivered at least some of the results they marketed, one stands out far superior to the rest: the Nuface. It’s kind of the OG skincare device; the one that launched a dozen other variations from other brands and opened the door to derma rollers, jade rollers, and all the other trending face tools in the beauty industry now. And it’s definitely making a comeback after the initial hype settled!

What is NuFace?

Let’s talk about how NuFace actually works. For starters, Micro current devices such as NuFace are inspired by professional EMS (electric muscle stimulation) machines that have been used on the face and body by professionals for decades. For the body, EMS is used in physical therapy centers to rehabilitate muscles for partially or totally immobilized patients (such as from broken limbs or paralysis) to create strength.

And the face? They give the look of more prominent cheekbones and tighten up the look of saggy jowls. In addition, it can help visibly plump out lines and wrinkles. By sending (tiny) electrical currents through your skin, these treatments stimulate the muscles underneath—essentially “working them out.”

In other words, imagine the muscles beneath your cheekbones and along your jawline doing a ton of tiny sit-ups. When they begin to tone up, your face takes on a more sculpted look!

The caveat with sit-ups, of course, is that you need to keep doing them to maintain your results. If you stop using it, the muscles will return to their original state. And with at-home devices that generally offer a milder variation of a professional treatment, consistency is even more important: NuFace recommends using its Trilogy device for five to 20 minutes per day, five days a week.

Weighing NuFace Against Injectables

This is a key comparison—namely because of the results I’ve seen from NuFace rival that of filler and Botox. While in my experience, a well-placed filler is quite effective, the upkeep is also wildly expensive. So, it was quite exciting to notice a sharper jawline after a few weeks of using the NuFace on reoccurring clients, who also purchased the device for at-home upkeep. This is an effect some people hadn’t seen since they were receiving Botox on their jaw.

The bottom line: I’m a big fan of any device that allows a more measured approach to invasive parts of a skin care routine—in the faceoff between time and money, would you rather take the 5 minutes of daily NuFace-ing if it ultimately meant a heavy discount on injectables? But that might not be true for everyone.

Those results, though!

It only takes a few sessions with the NuFace to realize how much you will really look forward to the soothing massage along your cheekbones and jawline. A very common result is also the vague compliments that will begin pouring in—the “I can’t tell what’s different but you look great” variety that everyone loves to receive – and it’s in large part to regular use of the NuFace! 

But perhaps in the face of a skin care marketing landscape that grows more cluttered with hollow promises by the second, what we all really need is the assurance that NuFace garners real results with consistence use and that you’ll find the results to be worth the time spent pressing the device into your skin every morning (or night).

At Botanica Day Spa, we have facials that utilize the power of the NuFace device to boost your facial into new realms of toned, tightened, contoured, and firm skin like you’ve never seen! We love NuFace and highly recommend it. Call Botanica today to book your NuFace facial at 727-441-1711!



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