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Holidays and Special EventsPamper All Mom’s this Mother’s Day with a Trip to the Spa
mother's day trip to the spa

Pamper All Mom’s this Mother’s Day with a Trip to the Spa

Shopping for Mom can be difficult, especially on Mother’s Day and trying to find her the right gift. Celebrating her and her ability to take care of the family and hold control over so many areas of the family life and home is even harder. The best way to treat her right on Mother’s Day is simple – gift her a trip to the spa!

Mother’s Day at the Spa

Mom’s do plenty for each member of the family every single day, sometimes without much thanks or notice. That’s the role of the mama and they all do it with plenty of love and selflessness. To show her how much you care and are thankful for everything she does, a gift of a day at the spa speaks volumes. Most moms forgo their own needs for those of the kids or spouse, even the grandparents, therefore gifting a spa package ensures that she receives her own pampering for once.

There are many great ways for her to relax, unwind, and remove herself from the daily stresses of raising a family with such a big heart. It’s important for her to reduce stress and focus on her health as well, that way the whole family is happy, healthy, and enjoying life. For most mom’s, a list of problems can occur when she doesn’t focus on taking care of herself, such as:

  • Body issues – tension, soreness, aches, pains, and strained muscles can all occur for mom’s, whether by the number of chores, picking up children, cooking, cleaning, running errands, middle of the night trips to the kids’ rooms, you name it.
  • Too much stress – this can appear as headaches, illness, weight gain, and mood swings. Massage can certainly handle each of these aspects for a recharged and calm mama!
  • Trouble sticking to diet and exercise – carrying for everyone else first can create little time for self with mothers. Making sure she has her own time is important for the family as a whole.
  • Bad skin – unfortunately all the stress and lack of sleep and proper nutrition that can sometimes occur leads to breakouts, wrinkles, parched skin, and plenty more. Facials should be fundamental for all mother’s!

With a spa package at Botanica, your mom will thank you beyond measure for such a special and personal gift that shows you care just as much as she does.

Spa Packages at Botanica Day Spa

For Mother’s Day, a spa package is 100% the perfect gift. With six different packages at varying rates, any one of them will have your mom over the moon and ready to grab her keys to head to the spa! The Nirvana spa package is the most jam-packed and bang for your buck, with a massage, facial, body treatment, mani-pedi and more all wrapped into one glorious day at Botanica spa.

Then there’s the Botania Signature Day package, where you can never go wrong with a facial, massage, reflexology, mani-pedi, and brow shaping! Cloud 9 offers a facial, custom massage, body treatment, reflexology, and deluxe manicure and pedicure. Following is the Ultimate Indulgence, which includes a longer massage, add-on, facial, and manicure and pedicure. Next is the Botanica Bliss package, with a facial, massage, and manicure and pedicure. To top it all off, there’s the Relax + Unwind package, short but sweet with a mini facial, twenty-five minute massage and Botanica pedicure.

Each one is tailored for the optimum Botanica spa experience and no matter your price range, your mom will love it and you’ll love seeing her come home energized, happy, and ultimately, feeling very loved by her family, which is what matters most!

Call us today or purchase your Mother’s Day spa package online for a truly wonderful thank you to Mom!



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