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Slay this Holiday with a Makeup Lesson from Botanica

We all want to have the best makeup and hair at work and family Christmas parties. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel our best during the magical holiday season, but it can be difficult to nail those tricky makeup trends without guidance from a MUA (makeup artist). The best way to learn the top techniques and applications for flawless holiday glam looks is with a makeup lesson! (And no, we don’t mean popping down to your local Sephora for this.)

Where to Book the Best Makeup Lessons

We all know that Sephora and Ulta constantly battle for being the holy grail for all things beauty. Now, most everyone chooses to get their makeup done by the pros at Sephora with a $50 makeover appointment. However, when it comes time for weddings, prom, birthday bashes, and especially these festive holiday parties, the availability for those coveted makeover slots is harder to find than your shoe size during a Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale.

It may be nice and convenient to book a makeup lesson at Sephora, with their plethora of makeup brands and brushes at your disposal, but I want you to stop and think about the hygiene of it. How many tester items do you see there with dust, debris, and finger marks in them? Yeah, ew! Also, I’m sorry to tell you that the makeup brushes they use on each person are only marginally cleaned after each use and the spread of different germs and infections are at an all-time high in makeup stores.

The proper way to do brush cleanings should be done until the makeup residue on a cloth or paper towel is zero and the brush is able to dry overnight. Do you think Sephora does that with their makeup brush pouch? (Sadly, no.) That is one reason to think twice before having their makeup brushes touch your skin.

The second thing is the time they spend on each client. The employees only have a small window for each person so there is a bit of a rush that doesn’t allow them to offer the proper time to teach you their techniques or how to achieve the makeup look you wanted them to create.

You can see that the major problem with Sephora’s makeover appointments is the sloppy rush. At Botanica Day Spa, our makeup artists are amazing and can dedicate an entire makeup lesson to just you (or a group of you if you book a girlfriend’s makeup lesson together!). Our cost is just slightly higher than Sephora’s, though an entire hour (or more) is appointed to you and solely on your makeup ambitions for this holiday season. No hasty makeup application!

Botanica has your makeup solutions for everyday to party season so you can slay all day!

What You Learn from Botanica’s Makeup Lesson

Have you always wanted to perfect a smoky eye, perfect winged eyeliner, matte makeup/contour trend, where to go cray cray with highlighter, or that simple no makeup-makeup look? We will happily teach you! You’ll be shown how to use each makeup brush properly and have the chance to copy what the makeup artist created on you to ensure you are able to do it yourself before the lesson is over! Where else can you learn that with your coveted paid appointment?

We all love makeup and it’s a very creative outlet if you look at what you can accomplish with the beautiful makeup products available on the market today. It’s okay if you’re not a huge makeup fan, though that doesn’t mean knowing how to do your makeup when the time arises wouldn’t be beneficial (even for a job interview). Whichever major event you have on the horizon, makeup can raise your level of attention and professionalism – making a good, lasting impression never hurts either!

Having the confidence and ability to do the makeup look you want is such a great feeling. Applying makeup doesn’t always come naturally and only 41% of people know how! At Botanica, we offer private makeup lessons, group lessons, and even a one-time application for that last-minute party or event where you need to have glam squad assistance!

Call Botanica at 727-441-1711 to book your makeup lesson today and join the pros – and maybe even impress your friends – with proper techniques and applications of beauty this Christmas season! We expect to be tagged in all those fabulous Christmas party selfies!



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