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MassageSummer is in Full Swing: Unwind with a Massage

Summer is in Full Swing: Unwind with a Massage

The heat of summer can take a real number on our bodies as we’re enjoying beach days, park trips, and so much more with friends and family. However, as adults, we still have work, family priorities, errands, chores, kids running around, and trying to keep everyone fed and hydrated to boot. No matter how wonderful and enjoyable our weekends can be, there are always stressful moments that we can’t avoid. It’s a busy and hot season upon us, which is why it’s so important to hit pause and make sure we’re not being worn down too much by booking a well-deserved and needed massage!

Why a Massage is More Than Just a Treat

A lot of people have the common misconception that receiving a massage on a regular basis is simply indulgent and not necessary. A spa can seem like a lavish place to visit each month, but really, a massage is so much more than just spending an hour away from the family and that giant pile of laundry waiting for you. Your body is stressed on a daily basis, whether physically or mentally, and it can take its toll if we don’t give it the proper attention it needs to battle through it all.

But why a massage? Why not just a nap? Or a date night to unwind? To put it simply, our bodies are tensed, worn out, and stressed more than you may think, and it takes a trip to your massage therapist to realize just how much it’s true. Most people aren’t aware of the wonderful benefits of massage therapy, such as:

  • It helps to lower blood pressure. The relaxation and stimulation of muscles and tissue that have been tense and knotted have shown to lower blood pressure throughout our systems. Not only that, but it also reduces triggers that cause anxiety, tension, while reducing the risk of heart attack, stroke and kidney failure. That’s a pretty big result just from a massage!
  • It helps improve circulation. Regular massage allows for stiff, damaged, and tense muscles to be released and allow a richer blood flow throughout the body, allowing healing and a more awakened sense of energy and stamina.
  • It improves posture. Back and neck pain is definite signs of bad posture or lack of proper stance with the spine, no matter if you stand, are sedentary or run around for a living. Massage allows for your muscles and tendons to stretch and smooth out while undoing slouching and promoting better posture!
  • It strengthens the immune system. Stress, lack of sleep, and overworking your body can lead to illness and a weakened immune system. Massage therapy works out the stress and release of cortisol and other relaxing chemicals in the brain to promote relaxation. When your body is taken care of and less stressed, your immune system thrives!
  • It reduces stress. A spa is the perfect location for tranquility, peace, and to step away from life’s hectic schedule to focus on yourself. Massage therapy not only helps break down tension and muscle pain, but also allows for you, your mind, and your body to recharge and relax.

If you could never understand why your friend, family member, or significant other would go for a massage every month, now you know it’s not just about the splurge. Some massages and spas may be expensive, but a massage is worth the cost when it allows for your body to function better and stronger. Think about these three things the next time you consider getting a massage, but worry about it being too indulgent monetary-wise:

  1. It’s not about the cost, but the reward and results it can do for your body’s health.
  2. Life, not just summer, is stressful. Massage therapy is known to reduce stress and should definitely be considered when things start to become too much to handle.
  3. It’s okay to spend a little on yourself and your wellbeing! Money shouldn’t be a factor when it comes to your health.

The Massages Available at Botanica

The best thing about Botanica Day Spa is our incredible list of massages to choose from! Enter our beautiful, serene spa and be transported to your own paradise of being taken care of, and your body feeling rejuvenated more than ever! Our professional massage therapists are all about giving you the greatest spa experience by:

  • Listening to the areas you point out need help with
  • Ensuring the pressures of the massage are optimum for your liking
  • The room is set to your ultimate relaxation and comfort level

Another delightful perk of Botanica is the spa memberships we offer for those who want a regular massage, but at a lower cost! Check out our spa membership page for more information and call us today at 727-441-1711 to book your massage appointment with Botanica Day Spa!



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