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PedicureSummer Trend Alert: Pastel Pedis are Hot in 2017
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Summer Trend Alert: Pastel Pedis are Hot in 2017

Summer time is the perfect time to free our feet from the confines of thick socks and tight shoes so they too can benefit from the warm, fresh air. It’s also the perfect time to ensure your feet are truly as healthy as they can be by getting them a pedicure. Far more than just a relaxing experience, professional pedicures provide basic, necessary care to your feet and can help to detect possible problems before they spiral out of control. More specifically, pedicures can help detect early signs of corns, bunions, and fungal infections, decrease the chances of developing an infection by cutting and cleaning toenails so they won’t grow inward, prevent blisters and cracks by keeping feet moisturized, exfoliates dead skin cells which can lead to smoother, more comfortable and more attractive feet, stimulates healthy circulation and relieves tension through massage of feet and calves, and relaxes the body. Considering the amount of daily care we lavish on our face and hands, it’s important to recognize that our feet would also benefit enormously from regular care. Plus, pedicures give us an opportunity to dress up our nails with fun colors and styles.

Latest Pedicure Trends

Summer pedicures provide the perfect opportunity to show off our healthy feet in a variety of colors. Following are the top summer nail colors for 2017:

  • Pastel blue. A gentle pastel blue, such as Londontown’s “Reverse the Charges” perfectly complements the summer sky and sea, adding a touch of beautiful color to the toes that please the eye without being overwhelmingly dark.
  • Nearly neutral laurel. Nearly neutral nail colors should never be underestimated during the summer time, as they provide a clean and strengthening finish to the nail without overdoing it. Essie’s “Sage You Love Me” is a gentle grayish-green hue that provides the right touch of color while being just one gentle step above neutral.
  • Soft coral. A soft coral color can give the illusion of bold color while remaining softly pastel and perfect for everyday wear. Deborah Lippmann’s “Happy Days” is a beautiful salmon hue that tastefully dresses up the nails in a beautiful, summer-appropriate way.
  • Pearlescent pink. A pearlescent pink, such as Marc Jacob’s aptly named “Pearl Jam,” is a wonderful way to spice up the traditional pastel pink nail color that works so well for summer. High-shine formulations have the added benefit of providing exceptional gloss, even after just two coats.
  • Periwinkle blue. With a richer, more purplish hue than a normal pastel blue, a periwinkle blue is still a soft color that is perfect for summer. Smith and Cult’s “Exit the Void” is particularly stunning, and sure to be a summer favorite.
  • Strawberry red. While most definitely a bold step away from softer pastel hues, the soft red of strawberries are perfectly suited to summer. Inglot’s “661” color comes with a unique bonus–an advanced polymer allows for both water and oxygen to pass through.
  • Simple nude. A simple nude nail color is always classic and elegant, and absolutely perfect for summer. Oribe’s “Nude” nail polish is a unique twist on the traditional nude hue and perfectly matches with any skin tone.
  • Gentle peach. A gentle peach is a beautiful alternative to the pastel pinks and nude shades that many women opt for during the summer. Essie’s “High-Class Affair” is particularly soft and stunning.
  • Bold metallic blue. Butter London’s “Seaside” polish offers a completely different take on the classic pastel blues of summer. This bold polish provides deeply satisfying color while being reminiscent of the lighter blue shades of warm Caribbean waters.
  • Pinkish lavender. As yet another take on the traditional pastel pink hues, a pinkish lavender, like JINsoon’s “Ube,” makes for a stunning summer nail color.

Summer is the perfect time to play with nail colors, and the current pastel pedicure trends will no doubt satisfy no matter your own personal tastes.



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