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Best Mani Colors For Your Next Weekend Getaway

Just as we have the need to regularly update our wardrobes and accessories, we also have the need to regularly update our nail color. A fresh, professional manicure and well-chosen nail color not only makes us look and feel our best, it completes our look. Whether it’s kept plain and simple or it’s sparkly and adorned with eye-catching embellishments, our mani colors can match our mood and activities and make bold fashion statements all on their own. That is if we choose them well.

Mani Colors for Weekend Getaways

Any enjoyable weekend getaway demands good planning, which includes not only careful selection of the destination but also careful selection of the proper wardrobe and accessories. And while we usually make a big deal out of choosing the right outfits, shoes, and purses, it’s important not to forget that our mani colors are also a very important accessory.

In addition to considering the trending nail colors and designs this spring, also take into account what mani colors will best complement your overall look and style on your next weekend getaway. There are so many cute spring nail colors to choose from, but some will definitely work better to complete your look than others. Consider these basic tips for selecting the right mani colors for your next weekend getaway:

A Weekend in Vegas

Needless to say, a weekend getaway in Vegas is all about parties and fun. Along with your favorite little black dress, spiked heels and glam clutch purse you will want to choose mani colors that fit the occasion. Consider a glittery top coat to add some sparkle to your manicure color if you plan to party the weekend away, an elegant, sultry jet-black manicure color if you intend to cruise the strip, or perhaps even a platinum gold manicure color for hanging around the resort pool.

A Road Trip Along the Southern California Coast

Nothing says casual getaway so well as a road trip along the southern California coast. As you grab your denim cutoff jeans, your flip flops, and your Panama hat, make sure that your nails are ready to be shown off at beautiful coastal beaches. Bubblegum pink, lemon chiffon yellow, cucumber green or gentle fuchsia are all perfect mani colors to choose from.

Hiking and Camping in the Midwest

There is no reason that hiking and camping cannot be touched by a gentle dose of glamor–in the form of a bottle of wine (or perhaps a box of wine for convenience sake), some dark chocolate, your favorite pair of comfortable, slimming jeans, fashionable hiking shoes, and attractive summer mani colors on your nails. A soft, pastel shade of green or pink can blend beautifully into the natural environment around you, and give you something bright and happy to look at if ever you feel worn out and tired.

A Southern Getaway

A weekend getaway into the heart of southern charm in Charleston, South Carolina demands a very specific wardrobe. You may choose to bring along your boat shoes, denim chambray, white shorts, cashmere sweater, and striped tee, but your outfit won’t be complete without the perfect mani colors. Soft blue-grays are ideal if you plan to spend lots of time in the sun, while glittery lavender tones can work well for exploring the historic downtown area, and a shimmery navy blue can work beautifully for a well-deserved shopping trip through King Street.

Wherever your weekend getaway is taking you, the ability to enjoy your trip to the utmost relies largely upon how well prepared you are. This obviously includes bringing along the right wardrobe, but it also includes making sure that your mani colors are designed perfectly to complement and complete your look.



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