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The ABCs of Alphabet Cream

Who knew that figuring out which skin cream is right for you would be as easy as knowing your ABCs?  The skin care industry has a whole alphabet of products designed to target your specific needs.  Whether you are looking for something with anti-aging ingredients or a daily defense cream for your body, there is a cream out there ready to tackle and defeat your most difficult skin issues.

The A’s and B’s of Skin Care

Anti-aging cream, or AA cream, is one of the most sought-after creams on the market today.  Every woman wants to defy the aging process, but the right cream to battle those unwanted wrinkles and crow’s feet can be hard to find.  Women are tossing aside their usual heavy foundations for Beauty Balm because it offers a variety of skin solutions in one simple step.  BB cream is a tinted moisturizer that brightens and lightens skins while improving skin tone and concealing embarrassing blemishes.  SPF is included, so no need to layer it over your favorite sunscreen! 

Don’t Forget the C’s and D’s!

Unlike in high school, C’s and D’s when it comes to skin care are never a bad thing!  If you need just a little more coverage than BB cream offers, Color Corrective cream is the next generation of complexion perfectors.  CC cream combines the power of a primer, brightener, and foundation all in one.  Sun protection is an added bonus.  If you need a little extra defense against wrinkles, CC creams also contain coveted anti-aging ingredients.   

Sometimes we are so focused on taking special care of our faces that we tend to neglect the skin on the rest of our bodies.  Daily Defense cream is meant to target the needs of the skin on your feet and body.  DD cream has a heavy duty texture to provide the skin in those areas with the extra hydration it craves to stay youthful and supple. 

All of the ABC’s in One Cream – Can it be?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we only had to deal with one skin problem?  For many of us, we are left dealing with a variety of skin issues and don’t want to deal with a bathroom cabinet filled with creams to address every little problem we have with our skin.  Pevonia Youth Renew combines all of the benefits of each of the alphabet creams into one fabulous, all-natural skin cream that will repair damage and boost collagen.     

The next time you are in search of the perfect cream for your skin, just remember your ABCs!



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