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What is Warm Bamboo Massage

Our overall well-being can be dramatically affected by how we are feeling both mentally and physically.  If we don’t take care of ourselves emotionally, our bodies start to suffer.  Many of us turn to meditation, exercise, or spa days to help balance our lives when we are feeling stressed or overwhelmed.  Massage is well-known for its healing properties and is one of the safest and most effective ways to manage stress.  Rejuvenating Warm Bamboo Massage can calm and energize you physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Who can’t use a little extra boost of energy now and then?    

Bamboo Isn’t Just for Pandas!

Bamboo isn’t just the main food group of beloved Giant Pandas; it’s a symbol of strength, fertility, youth, and peace, and is considered one of the most multi-faceted plants on earth.  It has been a sought-after beauty ingredient, but lately, it is making its mark in the massage realm.  In our Warm Bamboo Massages, various sizes of bamboo cane essentially replace the hands of a massage therapist.  The warmed bamboo is rolled over the muscle, giving a deeper, firmer massage than can be done by hand.  Longer sticks of bamboo are gently, but firmly glided over muscles, while smaller tools can be used for more intricate work. 

The Healing Power of Bamboo Massage     

Some physical problems that can be relieved by bamboo massage include:
• Migraines
• Lower Back Pain
• Post-injury Rehabilitation
• Circulatory Problems
• Respiratory Problems
Get Better, Faster Relief

Clients suffering from really firm, tight tissue and tension have raved about how their achy muscles have greatly improved and relaxed due to the heated comfort of Warm Bamboo Massage.  Bamboo Massage can penetrate more deeply into the muscle than standard massage techniques while being less painful for clients who may be sensitive to intense touch.  The heat from the bamboo enables blood to circulate better throughout the body, allowing for quicker relief.  Definitely a one-two punch for your body!

Try it for Yourself!

The use of bamboo is an innovative, ultra penetrating way to provide Swedish or deep tissue massage.  People have found extreme relaxation and healing relief from many physical and emotional problems because of bamboo massage.  To have good emotional health, it’s important to take care of your body.  Prioritizing your well-being will dramatically improve your quality of life.  What better way to start treating your body right than with a soothing massage? 



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