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FacialThe Microcurrent Facial for an Extra Pep for Your Skin
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The Microcurrent Facial for an Extra Pep for Your Skin

The one thing most people tend to desire for their skin is for it to stay firm and lifted as they age. While genetics play a part, a good diet, vitamins, and exercise can help, though the major factor to consider is skin care and what you can use to help your skin. While there are many fads regarding sculpting the face, like face yoga and face gyms (the equivalent of workouts for your face with unique facial techniques), there’s one microcurrent treatment that stands the test of time and delivers the best results!

Microcurrent – The Latest Trend in Skin Care

When you consider how many tools, creams, serums, and trends for your skin that have developed over the last few years, it’s hard to know what truly works and what is just a gimmick. Microcurrent has evolved to a dermatologist only treatment to handheld devices you can use at home. Celebrities like Miranda Kerr and Dewy Dumpling creator/makeup artist, Nam Vo, swear by NuFACE microcurrent devices to lift and firm their face for smooth, tight skin that looks completely flawless and that is what Botanica Day Spa uses!

With many other tools being released, it can be confusing as to what they actually do, therefore here is a breakdown of the most popular ones:

  • Jade Rollers – meant to depuff, relax the nervous system, eliminate toxins, drain the lymph’s and help serums absorb deeper into the skin. Great for mornings to help de-puff your face after a night of sleep.
  • Rose Quartz Rollers – said to have anti-aging properties, lower stress, balance emotions and the crystal itself is packed with minerals.
  • Blood Facials – using your own blood to oxygenate and revitalize the skin with its own red blood cells.
  • Derma Roller – made of tiny needles, its meant to stimulate the skin’s natural reparative system and regenerate collagen to fill in the skin and fix trouble areas.
  • Foreo – an electronic facial scrub cleanser to clean deep into the pores and remove more dirt, grime, and makeup stuck in the skin.
  • Clarisonic – a rotating brush meant to scrub and deep clean the skin for fresh, purified pores.

While using these different devices at home, the NuFACE the go-to for a microcurrent treatment and is encouraged to do the maintenance of your skin in an easier procedure. However, there’s nothing more potent than a professional microcurrent facial with the NuFACE device at Botanica Day Spa.

Microcurrent Facial at Botanica Day Spa

A microcurrent facial done by a professional aesthetician is a wonderful treatment and allows the best benefits and results compared to only using the device at home. Why? A microcurrent facial in a spa will utilize professional grade skill, experience, and high-quality skin care products. This allows for the aesthetician to use microcurrent in the right areas and put the attention on areas of concern for maximum results. Most people who use NuFACE at home doing for a shorter timeframe, whereas at Botanica you’ll receive the full potential of the device and its results!

At Botanica Day Spa, dermaplaning is included in this facial, which allows for deeper penetration of products by removing the peach fuzz hair on the face. It exfoliates the epidermis and also brightens the complexion and it certainly allows the microcurrent therapy to work its magic even more. Choosing to have your microcurrent facials at a spa will offer you the chance to see what it does for your skin, rather than purchasing these expensive at-home devices when you may not use it that often or are unsure of how to work it to its best resultMicrocurrent

ent is a wonderful treatment that exercises your facial muscles and tones the complexion; a type of facial to explore and enjoy with the added benefits of a professional facial (like the tranquil spa atmosphere and the experienced skills of the aesthetician taking the reins on the treatment). Call Botanica today at 727-441-1711 or book your facial online and hop onboard this fabulous, anti-aging trend!



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