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The Most Embarrassing Brazilian Wax Questions Answered

Ok, ladies, how many of you have always thought about getting a Brazilian Wax but never called to make the appointment because of fear or embarrassment?  Trust me, you aren’t alone! No one likes the thought of someone you don’t know coming face-to-face with your lady parts, let alone the potential pain of getting unwanted hair ripped off of that very sensitive region. It’s important to remember that spas and salons are judgment-free zones; their goal is to always make you feel your most beautiful, inside and out. With that said, here are some most common questions about Brazilian Waxes that nobody wants to ask.

Am I Going to Feel Exposed?

Don’t cringe, but being naked from the waist down allows your waxer to access every nook and cranny where unwanted hair could be lurking. Our waxers want to make you feel as comfortable as possible and if you only ask we can provide a drape or a towel to place on your lap to ease any self-consciousness. 

Am I Going to be the Hairiest Person They’ve Ever Seen?

Most of us don’t typically see what’s going on down in other women’s nether regions, so sometimes we are unnecessarily hard on ourselves when it comes intimate encounters like this.  Everyone has hair on their bums, and even small hairs beyond the bikini line that have managed to sprout up.  Don’t let your hairiness insecurity prevent you from getting silky smooth!     

Is the Pain Going to be Unbearable?

It’s not surprising that women avoid waxing; pairing a seemingly embarrassing situation with potential pain doesn’t sound like something any woman would want to sign up for. The pain that accompanies a Brazilian is different for everyone. But when it’s performed by a highly-trained and experienced waxer you will feel less discomfort. You may feel a bit tender afterwards, so applying an aloe-based gel can help soothe and calm red, irritated skin. 

How Soon After Waxing Can I Get Intimate?

It’s no secret that we want to look our best for the significant other in our lives. While the process of getting a Brazilian Bikini Wax can seem awkward, you are left feeling clean, smooth, and confidently sexy afterwards.  Though you may be eager to show off your fresh new look to your loved one, it’s suggested that you wait at least 24 hours before having sex. 

Meeting your waxer beforehand can calm your nerves as well, so call or pop in if you want to meet any one of our amazing techs. Your only regret will be that you waited so long to get your first wax!



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