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How to Prep for a Brazilian Wax

So this next blog is about something that’s a little embarrassing to some, but with summer and swimsuit season just around the corner, it’s time to cover the Brazilian Wax! This is the time of the year to think about removing the unwanted hair of your bikini line that can make you feel self-conscious and embarrassed.  While shaving can seem like the most convenient method, it can leave unsightly stubble and annoying red bumps that will leave you hiding behind a cover-up at the beach! 

The solution is the Brazilian Wax and there are many advantages to getting one.  The thing that keeps a lot of people away is the fear that it might be too painful. With that said, there are several steps you can take to ensure that the process is as painless as possible.  Prepping is the number one key to protecting the sensitive bikini line area so you have a comfortable wax.  Here are some tips from our wax pros at Botanica:

1. Plan your Appointment

Skin is much more sensitive around the time of the month that you get your period, causing waxing to be more painful than usual.  Properly schedule your waxing appointment a few days before or after your period. 

2. Clean it Up

Cleaning your bikini area right before your appointment will help prep your skin for the waxing.  Very lightly exfoliate your area using warm, not hot, water. 

3. Don’t Moisturize

Though you might be tempted to apply lotion or oil to your skin prior to your appointment, it is better that you don’t.  Lotion or oil can hinder the effectiveness and grip of the wax.

4. Don’t Shave

Salons typically provide specific instructions in regard to proper hair trimming that should be done before your appointment (¼ inch or less is too short). Some hair is necessary for the wax to hold onto, but hair that is too long can make the waxing service hurt more than it needs to. The technician can trim down the hair to the appropriate length at your appointment as well.    

5. Preventing Pain

If you are concerned about possible pain, you can purchase a numbing gel that can be found in our boutique or over the counter at your local drug store. There are also tattoo numbing gels that work really well. 

If this is your first waxing experience, don’t be afraid to ask questions!  Our spa has technicians that are highly skilled and experienced.  Only trust your sensitive areas to spas that are equipped with a team of professionals that are prepared to provide the best Brazilian Wax Services!   



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