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Tips for Decluttering Your Makeup Bag for the New Year

At the end of every year, we reflect on the good and the bad and what we can do to ensure that we improve upon the bad for the upcoming New Year. Maybe you’ve decided to throw out the junk food that has been accumulating in your cupboards or to cut out people who have been negative, unhealthy influences in your life. While you’re ridding your life of things that no longer benefit you, spend some time overhauling your makeup bag and decluttering it for good! Here are some ways to decide what makeup should stay and what should be thrown out immediately.

Get Back in Control

I totally understand not wanting to throw out makeup that hasn’t been completely used up, especially if we spent a lot of money on them. However, the quality of the makeup can change over time, causing the oils and ingredients to spoil and degrade. Old makeup can begin harboring germs that could be harmful to your skin. If you know a product is old and hasn’t been giving you the same results you once loved, it’s time to say goodbye. Here is the general rule of thumb for when makeup expires:

• Mascara: 2-3 Months
• Liquid Foundation/Concealer: 12 months
• Lipstick: 2 years
• Cream Blush or shadow: 1 year

No Duplicates

When we know a shade looks good on us or we really love a product, chances are we own more than one of those items even though they serve the same purpose. Don’t lug around 3 tubes of red lipstick; choose your top pick and eliminate the rest. It’s likely you gravitate towards one product over the others anyway.

Oh, I have that?

Often we buy a particular product for a specific occasion and then never use it again. It sinks to the bottom of our makeup bags and is forgotten about. If you wouldn’t notice that an item was missing, it’s time to chuck it!

Would You Buy it Again?

There is always that random blush or eye shadow that you wanted to experiment with that goes outside of your typical pallet. If you weren’t wowed by it and wouldn’t purchase it again, save some space and toss it now.

If the makeup hasn’t expired, but you know you will never use it, check with a friend or family member to see if it is something they would use before you toss it. Your makeup bag will be cleaner and lighter in no time!



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