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MassageTrouble Sleeping? How Massage Can Help You Sleep at Night!
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Trouble Sleeping? How Massage Can Help You Sleep at Night!

It can be incredibly exhilarating to wake in the morning and feel fully refreshed and ready for the day ahead! But it can also be entirely frustrating to wake from a full night’s sleep and still feel exhausted, which is the case for most people.  Some individuals may only experience sleep deprivation on a very rare occasion, while others suffer through it more regularly. 

Those who do constantly battle sleep deprivation may try to counter feelings of exhaustion by going to bed earlier and can be confused and irritated when this still fails to achieve the desired effects, especially when one desires to lead an active lifestyle. Maybe you’ve countered it with cups and cups of coffee, which will only prolong the inevitable and dry out our body of hydration. 

The truth is that it may not be the total amount of time one spends sleeping, but rather how deeply they sleep that makes the difference. If you wake several times during the night and have trouble falling back to sleep, this can markedly affect how rested you feel the following morning. If you take ages to fall asleep and then finally hit your REM cycle, only to be woken by your alarm (or the kids), you won’t feel remotely rested. Fortunately, if you suffer from sleep difficulties, massage may be able to help!

Why Sleep Matters & Helps Us Function Better

Getting quality sleep in an ideal quantity every day is vital for a healthy body (and it’s also the dream we all strive for).  It’s a time for the body to completely relax and recharge itself, which then allows the individual to function at optimal levels the following day.  Individuals who fail to get the proper amount of quality sleep on a regular basis can actually experience extensive health and other issues as a result. 

Those with inadequate sleep often have great difficulty performing cognitive tasks and may even suffer physical issues such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.  Some studies have even indicated that individuals who consistently get less sleep have shorter lifespans than individuals who consistently get sufficient sleep. Okay, now don’t freak out. Sleep is a fundamental part of our bodies requirements, and there is one main solution that could resolve this problem for you permanently!

How Massage Therapy Allows for Proper Nightly Sleeping

Not many people will automatically put massage and rest together, although they certainly do go hand in hand! Massage can work to relax the muscles of the body deeply enough so that an individual is better able to fall and stay asleep.  Life creates stresses, and this is one of the number one leading causes for people not able to receive a proper night’s rest.

Massage is known for reducing tension and stress in the body, either by working out stiff muscles, headaches, and more, while also calming the mind down. Studies have indicated that massage can increase the serotonin levels in the body, which in turn increases melatonin levels and helps the body reset its circadian rhythms. Even individuals who have experienced specific sleep issues, like sleep apnea, have often noticed an improvement in their ability to sleep well and wake up feeling rested when they receive massage therapy on a regular basis. 

Already sold for booking a massage ASAP? That’s where Botanica Day Spa comes into play! With the wide variety of massage techniques available, an individual can select a specific massage service that works best to address their personal needs! This will help their body achieve a more relaxed and restful state, which Botanica prides itself on having a long list of massage services available!

Contact us today at 727-441-1711 and enjoy sleeping worry-free thanks to the tranquil and beneficial massages you’ll receive at our spa, conventionally located in Clearwater, FL! Sweet dreams!



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