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Brazilian wax

Why You Need to Try a Brazilian Wax at Botania

We girls all know the struggle with shaving and keeping up a maintained body appearance. It’s not always easy and finding time to keep meticulously groomed has become almost obsolete. Have no fear, the Brazilian wax is here! Like many supermodels (yes, we can dream) and high fashion gals, the Brazilian wax is something that has turned into a saving grace. It’s not just about keeping the beau happy, it’s also healthy and a massive time saver for us, ladies!


Whether it’s a time factor, or gearing up for a sexy evening, or you simply enjoy being hair-free below the waist, waxing is calling your name! A Brazilian wax is the full removal of all pubic hair, rather than just the bikini line. Waxing lasts much longer than shaving, as it pulls the hair from the roots instead of just running a blade over the top hair follicle. A Brazilian wax also creates a smoother result since it’s removing the full hair, not just the portion coming out above the epidermis.

Stubble does not appear for sometimes several weeks, depending on your type of hair and regrowth. Stubble from shaving can return as soon as just an hour or two afterwards. Here are a few more benefits to turn to waxing instead of shaving:

·       There are no nicks or cuts from waxing like shaving, meaning no potential scarring or discoloration.

·       Shaving can cause rashes and red bumps on sensitive skin, professional waxing from an aesthetician and no allergies to the wax can prevent these.

·       Slower hair growth and finer hairs returning result from waxing. Some women have even stated that little to no hair has returned after continual, regular waxes.

·       Less itching, as the slower hair growth doesn’t create fast stubble like shaving.

·       It’s fast and convenient, as most women are done and in and out of the spa in fifteen minutes or less.

·       Less ingrown from waxing, which is associated with the fewer or no skin irritations.

And did we mention, it lasts longer!? That alone should be cause enough to grab your keys and head straight for the spa. Personal grooming is important, and a Brazilian wax is a simple and long lasting option for you. As for the health aspect to waxing, when you keep your nether area clean and bare, you’re less likely to feed bacteria and particles that can grow in hair.


At Botanica, we offer a full range of hair removal services. Our featured is the Brazilian Bikini wax, which we perform without double dipping the same wax stick. A new wax stick is used each time for application to ensure the most hygienic wax treatment available. As far as we are aware, no other spa or salon in our area follows this same principle.

We also offer nearly every other type of waxing for the body, from brow, lip, under arms, back, chest, and more. News alert! We just began our own Brazilian Wax Membership! For only $40/month, you receive one Brazilian Bikini wax for that month. This is a low price and great option here in Florida for our mainly hot, summer weather months!

There’s no reason not to enjoy being in a bathing suit day after day without the worry of stubble showing and constant shaving nightmares. Not having to shave frequently will significantly reduce the redness, irritations, and ingrown, resulting in a fabulous, confident you! Call us at Botanica or book your next wax appointment online and see for yourself why a wax will be your new best friend.



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