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Hair RemovalSave Your Bikini Line this Summer with a Brazilian Wax Membership
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Save Your Bikini Line this Summer with a Brazilian Wax Membership

Are you tired of razor burn and keeping up your bikini line all throughout summer? Shaving your bikini line can be tiresome, but also painful as it’s a sensitive area and the hairs are more prone to growing back as ingrowns – never a pretty sight. This is where a Brazilian wax membership will save your bikini line and also not rob your wallet!

Why Choose a Brazilian Wax Over Shaving

There a plenty of myths and opinions when it comes to personal grooming, especially waxing. Some people will say it’s a Godsend, while others refuse to ever try it (or go back to it a second time). When it really matters, choosing a Brazilian wax is best when done by a trained, professional aesthetician. All of those at home waxing kits can be cumbersome and when you do the first strip, the discomfort and fear can ruin the whole procedure, leaving you with soreness and an incomplete job.

If you’ve never had a Brazilian wax, it’s highly recommended you go to a spa for it. The right spa will have great aestheticians on hand who know what they are doing, but also make you feel comfortable when you’re so exposed. Years of experience from an aesthetician can make it even a pleasant experience!

While some nail salons offer waxing, their standard of cleanliness is questionable, while a spa-like Botanica keeps their standards way higher than the rest. Interested, yet unsure of a Brazilian wax? If you’re curious as to why waxing is more beneficial to shaving, here are a few helpful facts:

  • No razor burn
  • No painful red bumps
  • Longer hair-free time span
  • Hairs can grow back thinner (and in some cases, none return over time!)
  • Smoother results
  • Waxing lasts 3-4 weeks compared to a day or two for shaving (yes please!)
  • Less chance of ingrown hairs

If you have a busy schedule and finding time to shave is like winning the lottery, a Brazilian wax is exactly what you’re looking for. It’s a fast and easy procedure and the best part is that you just get to lay there while the aesthetician does all the work! No backing out like with an at-home waxing job and with a skilled aesthetician, pain is very mild.

Many people may have shared their horror stories of a bad waxing experience, but rest assured, it all has to do with choosing the right spa! If a spa doesn’t hire the right type of aesthetician who can confidently and swiftly carry out a Brazilian wax, then the service can make clients not return for their next wax appointment.

Do your research, ask questions to the spa employees, and be open with your aesthetician. Doing this will make you a Brazilian wax natural!

Botanica Day Spa Brazilian Wax Membership

At Botanica Day Spa, all of our wax clients love our waxing aestheticians and return again and again with fantastic results! We offer a type of Brazilian wax that is unlike other spas or salons that offer the service because we never double dip our wax sticks. We use a new stick each time throughout the appointment to uphold the highest hygiene standards! And not many other places offer a Brazilian wax membership! For just forty dollars a month, there is a credit of one wax appointment on your account, giving you constant ease of mind of wearing swimsuits and not having to worry over shaving every time!

Every person is different when it comes to receiving a Brazilian wax. Don’t take bad experiences to heart unless you’ve tried it and again, pick the right spa with the right credentials and you won’t have a troubling wax to add to the mix!

Call Botanica Day Spa at 727-441-1711 to sign up for the Brazilian Wax Membership today and enjoy the summer or every season confidently and hair-free!



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